*The day I became Mrs Shaifudin…*

By Freek at 10:55 pm on Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Was trying to find my latest CD-rom version of PhotoImpact to install and edit my pictures but I realized, I left it in school. So, I tried digging for the stone-age version I have just so I can resize the pics to be put here. Thank God found it.

Thank you to all who made the occasion a memorable one. To those I could not invite, apologies once again, and this is the food that you and even MYSELF, missed.

Sigh, got to eat only leftovers, since, well, I had to deprive myself for obvious reasons. So at around 7.45, Dy’s side came over and yeaps, here is him waiting for the kadi to start the ceremony. Notice the stress look on his face.

And here’s also the stressed look while saying the vows and shaking hands with the kadi. Thank God though, he said it without a glitch(thanks to the constant practice he did..heh).

When it’s all over, he finally smiles. Haha!

Smiling for the camera. Signing for the cert. The mak andam did wonders to cover the pimples for me. *lol*

Thanks to these wonderful ladies in my life whose presence calmed me before the ceremony began. Witt! You’re not here! Hmph! Tween-O and Abbas, I bet you were there in spirit. Heh.

From here, it’s all pictures. Kinda big, so wait if you wanna. Heh.

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