By Freek at 12:12 pm on Sunday, June 11, 2006

There hashave been some weird sites posting adverts on my comment page of late. Either advertising on gambling, XXX or Viagra.

Well the first one, is some pointless activity I wouldn’t even dream of doing despite our little island planning on the IR soon. So, no thanks for the advert.

As for the XXX, I’ve never visited such sites, and I never will. I don’t need to since, well, like teaching these days, it’s all about experential learning. *lol*

Viagra. Dy doesn’t need any, so, again, no thank you very much.
So please, Mr and Mrs SPAM, don’t bug my comment area again because it’s frigging irritating to moderate every single frigging time. But who am I kidding. We’re talking about SPAM here. And SPAM is to the Net like fleas are to dogs.

Dy! Any other way to block these things? Anyone?


No live telecast?

Soccer documentaries will do just fine.

Ouh? No more soccer documentary? No more soccer news?

Let’s watch the REPEAT telecast, then. 

Men and soccer.

Women ALWAYS take second place.

*rolls eyes*

Who says it’s only MEN who just don’t get us women?


But then again, if only that match was between Italy and some other team, I will gladly watch. Heh.

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