By Freek at 10:58 pm on Saturday, August 26, 2006


I am dead tired.

Ironic that I’m even typing this out.

Just wanted to say that my kids did real well yesterday. Despite last minute arrangement with 2 older kids backing out, my 8 little darls adapted wonderfully. I mean, to teach P1 kids new dialogue or altering sequence on the performance day and expecting them to deliver is kinda tough. But, alhamdullilah, they caught on pretty fast. They were so hyper while waiting at the canteen but when they were backstage, saw them transform into nervous little children. Hehe.

“Chekgoo, saya takutlah.”


But yeaps, like a mother watching her kids, I was proud of them though they are not mine lerr.. Here they are. Took them with my handphone cam so, not that sharp. They performed a few seconds play+song – Nenek, nenek si Bongkok Tiga.

P1 Kids

This coming Tuesday, they’ll be performing again. An addition for me is, my P4 doing the Syair-Drama I’ve practised with them for a few weeks now. Hopefully, all goes well.

A few projects to work on:

1) My birds cut-outs for next term’s lesson. (kinda excited though I haven’t even finished the current unit..*lol*)

2) Froggie-gloves for P1.

3) Tanjak for my “Tanggang”.

4) Puppets for bercerita.

5) New website layout. (rolls eyes)

Aight, gonna catch some sleep. And since nobody at home for the night, I’d go topless. *lol* Oops!


Dead tired.

Peace. Out.

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