By Freek at 8:07 am on Monday, November 20, 2006

Actually, I wasn’t nervous about my majlis. But, when I saw someone’s majlis at the void deck which I’ll be using in 2 weeks’ time, I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach. And if there’s another majlis this weekend, I bet it’s gonna make me even more nervous.

But yeah, till then, I’m not about to worry myself. Today, though, got word that some of my Secondary school friends would be coming. Hope a bunch of them would come. It’ll be such a reunion after.. aeons. Ahh…

After maghrib today, would be heading down to Bukit Timah to see the mak andam. Final fitting. Hope I can fit into my baju. I’ve been eating way too much since the previous fitting. Usually, I’d be hormonally-driven to gorge myself nearing my menses.

HOWEVER, my menses is late for almost, a week now. Haha. So can’t really blame the hormones. =p

*grrr – stomach churning* Serves me right. Drank milk just now despite doc’s orders. Couldn’t resist it.

Need my calcium.  =p

~ 12 days to go. ~

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