*Hour before the plunge….*

By Freek at 6:58 pm on Monday, January 1, 2007

Well, a day before the plunge actually. I’m getting all jittery and all. Don’t ask me why, though. Could be just a first-day of school kinda thing. Will go away on the second, I reckon.
I’ve been wrecking my brain thinking of things to do with the kids for the first 3 days of orientation this week. I have pretty much decided what to do with the 5s since I’ve been with them for 1.5 years. So, I pretty much know each and every single one of them. I’m thinking of getting them to register a blog for themselves for those 3 days. Yeaps. Good idea. This time though, I’m gonna get them to write down a generic password. I have forgetful kids. Hope they didn’t get it from me. *dang*
As for the 3s.. well, I’ll have to get to know them inside out. And, more importantly, it’s time they know about me. Ahaks.

Well, that’s it then. Just waiting for the next 24 hours or so to pass, and then, it’s back to school for all teachers and kids. Good luck, fellow colleagues in the profession. Hello, kids. *burr* Shall just iron my clothes for Wednesday. And, yah, Dy’s too.

Oh, and works are gonna start at my house soon. The house Dy and I got for ourselves is in such a bad state. Believe me when I say bad – it’s horrible with tiles falling apart, cabinets with no doors, cockroach everywhere, flooring that’s so greasy and stained. I know, people may wonder, why did we buy it then?

Cos’ the value won’t put a strain on our budding CPF. I mean, we’re still babies as far as our CPF is concerned. But, alhamdullilah, we’re contented with what we have and can afford. Basically the house, needs a whole lot of make-over. Don’t even have to mention about interior design, elaborate cabinet designs, cornices and all those. Dy & I are just focusing on the bare essentials. Just so it looks like a home and not a dilapidated, old, abandoned house or something.

Aight, off now. Take care, people. And enjoy the Tuesday before we ALL go back to work mid-week. Adios.
p/s to Kg Clan: Girls, when shall we next meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain? Or maybe at my new house when it’s ready? *hint* *hint*

p/s to adik ain: Masih tak dapat meet-up jugak. Takper, nanti leh jemput. *hint hint*

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