By Freek at 3:28 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My mum cooked spagetti yesterday. I boiled the pasta this morning and brought it to school. The day before, I brought her nasi lemak to school. 

I’m so glad I still live with my mum. She has food ready and at least, Dy doesn’t have to go to work with an empty stomach. Wonder how things will be like when I start living on my own.

And thanks to my mum, too, I am somehow, a few dollars richer. She’s a fan of radio W-arna and as usual, tuning in to it. I was, of course, singing tunes of my own, screaming at my kids in school. Anyways, she was hearing the segment by L-ustre, who were having their lucky draw announcement. She was praying that we would win something.

And I did. 3rd prize! Haha. So, at 1pm when I got back to the staff room, I had several miss calls and an sms from Bedz. Me mum called me again, excited and all.

Of course, initially, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I have NEVER won a lucky draw in my life – not even during birthday parties – save for that one time where my name got picked during a lucky draw for (believe it or not), “Mission Impossible 2”.

So, you see, I never had luck in draws.

So, I searched for the company’s number, the woman said I was indeed the 3rd prize winner. *lol* Right… the only thing is, they’d call me soon for details and then I’d have to go down, receive prizes, take pictures and all.

Thank God for this. Hope it’s not some false marketing thingy, though. Cos’, well, if I DO get that prize money, it’d be such a relief for Dy and I, with the renovating and buying furniture and all.

So, yesh. Let’s love our mothers, shall we?

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