By Freek at 4:33 pm on Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It’s been a while.

Hehe. Like, what else is new, aye?

So, like, yeah, have been busy with work since exam papers will have to be handed up this week, decorations have to be up(since I have 3 classes and use 3 different classes, you do the Maths), worksheets to be printed, books to mark, admin stuff to clear, scripts to write for my 6s(so, I can make them act and not bore the life out of them), dances to choreograph, kompang to teach and of course, back home, a family life with a home almost 60% complete.

But yeah, comparing my other 2 girls – Witt and Tween-o – who are holding positions in the school, I have quite a relaxing life. Right now, I just got my school laptop back after the TA took it for RAM-upgrade. Hehe. Nice.

Anyways, today, marks an important day for Dy and I. Today, our relationship turns 6. =)

And we’ll be having a date today. So exciting!


Aight, off to mark some books.

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