By Freek at 4:31 pm on Monday, January 15, 2007

No.. not to food.. as yet.

Just to tycoons.

And no, not some rich millionaire out there either. I’m addicted to games with a ‘tycoon’ at the back of it. Haha.

When I first used the PC, I thought CD-roms would ruin my PC since the first CD I installed wasn’t a pleasant one for me. But weirdly, I didn’t have any qualms about installing iRc. *lol* Anyways, when I finally started out with PC games, I started with Zoo Ty-coon. Yes, I got myself addicted and still play it to this very day. I then played those strategy games and loved Age-og-Mythology and War-Craft.

And then I ventured into RPGs. And found, I only liked Battle-field and Star-Wars. As for Star-Wars, I didn’t need a reason to buy it considering I absolutely dig Star-Wars movies anyways. Counter-strike and Un-real and Ha-lo for me were too… dizzying.

After that, I met The-Sims. I got hooked, played sometimes from morning till night or night till morning. Went on to Sims 2 and needless to say, endless playing.(until I got married, that is. Haha.)

And, yesh, Dy is also hooked and recently, we got ourselves.. Roller-coaster Ty-coon, Cinema-Tycoon and Prison-Ty-Coon. I also bought Di-nerDash.

As I think about it, maybe it’s the thrill of running other people’s life and dictating their every moves that got me addicted. Sorta like what I do in school but yeah, unlike children who control their own movements, I’m the master when playing these games. Haha. Sound like a loser. But no, I mean, it does relieve a lot of stress.

Hmm.. believe it or not, as soon as the bell rung today, I was thinking about rushing home and playing one of the Ty-coons. But, yeah, thank God for self-control.

Gosh. I’m late. Aight, off to home now. Byez!

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By Freek at 3:28 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My mum cooked spagetti yesterday. I boiled the pasta this morning and brought it to school. The day before, I brought her nasi lemak to school. 

I’m so glad I still live with my mum. She has food ready and at least, Dy doesn’t have to go to work with an empty stomach. Wonder how things will be like when I start living on my own.

And thanks to my mum, too, I am somehow, a few dollars richer. She’s a fan of radio W-arna and as usual, tuning in to it. I was, of course, singing tunes of my own, screaming at my kids in school. Anyways, she was hearing the segment by L-ustre, who were having their lucky draw announcement. She was praying that we would win something.

And I did. 3rd prize! Haha. So, at 1pm when I got back to the staff room, I had several miss calls and an sms from Bedz. Me mum called me again, excited and all.

Of course, initially, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I have NEVER won a lucky draw in my life – not even during birthday parties – save for that one time where my name got picked during a lucky draw for (believe it or not), “Mission Impossible 2”.

So, you see, I never had luck in draws.

So, I searched for the company’s number, the woman said I was indeed the 3rd prize winner. *lol* Right… the only thing is, they’d call me soon for details and then I’d have to go down, receive prizes, take pictures and all.

Thank God for this. Hope it’s not some false marketing thingy, though. Cos’, well, if I DO get that prize money, it’d be such a relief for Dy and I, with the renovating and buying furniture and all.

So, yesh. Let’s love our mothers, shall we?

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*Point form…*

By Freek at 5:29 pm on Monday, January 8, 2007

Here’s today’s happenings, in point form.

  • Felt fresh.
  • Met relief teacher.
  • Met the P6 lot.
  • P1 kid # 1: Kita mesti gosok gigi kalau tidak ada JAMES. (which I hope refers to germs)
  • P1 kid #2: Got him to sing for me. He sang “My Heart”. Hehe.
  • P1 kid #3: Chekgoo Suhainis, Chekgoo Suhainis lawa. (Hehehehe… wonder till when I will hear these words. *lol*)
  • Want ice-cream.
  • Want to play D-iner D-ash.
  • Feel like playing Sims2.
  • No time.

That’s it for now for today.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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By Freek at 2:09 pm on Sunday, January 7, 2007

It’s tiring having to type while holding down the shift key. The laptop’s going nuts. The keyboard’s CAPS lock can’t be unlocked so it’s now only able to do CAPS.

Anyhow, halfway through my lesson plan. Yeah, it’s back to lesson plans yet again. Tsk. But yeah, mostly just copying and pasting last year’s lesson plan into this one. Hehe. With modifications of course.

Dy and I did our 3-costume studio shoot yesterday. They wore for me tudung in a way I’ve never worn it before. Thank God I didn’t take the 7 or 10 costume package. 3 costumes was already tiring enuff. Next week, gonna go choose the pics.
Oklah, off now. So little time to much to do…

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*Day 1: Survived!…*

By Freek at 9:59 pm on Wednesday, January 3, 2007

As people bid farewell to 2006 and counted down to 2007, I was fast asleep, enjoying the last few long sleeping hours I was to have before the new term started.

2006 had been a great year for me, like all years before that.

2006 marked the year I experienced my first full year of teaching.

2006 brought along less but MORE wonderful times with my beautiful friends from the Kg. Clan.
But 2006 also, saw me losing friends. One may think that after years and years of friendship, one knows one’s friends. I’ve learned not to put to much hope into people who don’t try to make the effort to stay in touch. I’ve learned that money can cause a rift between even the closest friends. And, I’ve also learned that some people just don’t want to be cherished.

Despite that, made some new friends, too. In this blogging world. I met a young girl on the Net who coincidentally lives just a few blocks from me(which reaffirms my belief that it is a small world afterall). I also got to know some other bloggers and also, bought some cupcakes from a blogger who makes wonderful chocolate delights!
2006 has been a wonderful year for me. Especially on the 3rd of December. I met long-time friends who attended my wedding. Unexpected presence made the day extra special. The year I finally married the love of my life. Though we were officially solemnised in June, the wedding in December, was finally – though as cliche as it may sound – a dream come true. All the disappointments, set-backs, and sacrifices we had gone through almost 6 years into the relationship, alhamdullilah, were blessings in disguise. Going through the ceremony, seeing my baby donning bridal suit and walking with him down the aisle with friends and family surrounding us, made all those downs, worthwhile.

Thank you all for a great 2006.
Well, back to now…

Had an early and fresh start to the day today. Though felt that tinge of sadness that my baby had to get himself ready for work all alone, it felt great that he woke up to Subuh with  me.

Anyways, whilst on the long journey to school, the idle mind wandered off to transfering school anytime soon. I mean, technically, being married and all, I could ask for a transfer citing change of residential address albeit just a few blocks from my current parents’ home. Being realistic here, if I were to have kids and all sooner or later, travelling from Bdk to AMK and back again everyday, isn’T such a viable situation.

Oh well, as for school today, I felt rather confused. Don’t even have to mention how blur the kids were. Heck, even I was with all the changes. But, yeah, survived it nonetheless. Even managed to scare the P1s a little. Hehe. Just waiting for my chekgoo to come back from her pilgrimage so everything will be settled.

Aight, off now. I’ve loads to do… but I’ve forgotten what is it I’m supposed to do. *slaps forehead*

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