By Freek at 8:09 am on Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If there’s one thing we forgot, it was to sign up for a telephone line so that we could access the frigging internet at our new home! Heh.. so, right, now, 5 days of internet-celibacy will somehow, cause me to let it out on the school pc and network. Ahaks. I need to find that guide to playing that game I downloaded on my phone. Speaking of which, my hp bill’s gonna have $(frigging)24 extra due to 4 games I downloaded. How much each game costs? You do the maths.

The past few days have been wonderful. Living in our own home. Dy said the space was cosy. I guess so, too. Well, slowly, slowly…

Though it sucked that we had to call Mcs for 3 days straight since we forgot(yet again) to call the gas people before CNY and so we couldn’t cook. By today, everything will be alright and tomorrow onwards, I might just be cooking up some home cooked food. But then again, maybe Friday then. *lol*

Anyhow, I’ve got 10 mins before start of class. No relief duties for today. *phew* But it’s crunch-time. Next week, is CA week. Wonder how my P5s will do. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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