By Freek at 9:06 pm on Saturday, March 10, 2007

It’s like one of the rare Saturdays I go out without worrying about doing my weekly lesson plans. Heh. Yes, the hols are here albeit it being only a week long. =p

Anyhows, it was fun yesterday at the Sports Carnival in my school. Could see how happy and proud my big ones were when they won. And as for me, my department won the Teachers’ Race. Woohoo! Imagine that. We had to form a team of 6 and with straws in our mouths, transfer 2 rubber bands – 1 big and 1 small – to our team mates who will be waiting at a distance of 25m. It was such a thrill to win.. considering we were the Mother Tongue Department comprising of only girls.. and we won over PE. *LOL*.

Another cause for celebration would be, my boys won the S-Zone soccer tournament! Well, since most of them are really down there in terms of studies, the victory in a way does boost up their morale. Last year when they lost, I could really see how down in the dumps they were.  So, I betcha when I see them this coming Friday for the Malay cultural camp, they’ll be all-smiles.

Oh well, it’s so nice that the holidays are here. My cousin just got married today. His pelamin looked real good.. of course, considering, his bro owns a pelamin company – the same one who did mine. Hehe. So lucky. But yeaps, happy for him. It turns out he married a primary school junior of mine.  Talk about small world, huh?

Alrighty, gonna be off now. See ya all. And yes, I’ll be updating quite regularly for the week. It is the holeeeEEEeeeeedayyYYyyyyy…. hehe… jangan marahhh

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