By Freek at 8:54 am on Thursday, March 15, 2007

I’m supposed to be already bathing so that I can get out of the house in time to reach school by 10AM. Howsever, I’m not exactly in the mood yet(meaning a half hour round of Sims needed), I guess the best thing would be to take those 4-wheeled transports instead.. though he is going to kill me but then again, he’ll be going for reservist tonight in which case I’ll have a longer time to live till he returns. Heh.

Anyhow, here’s good news to Ain. Ain, you can keep that Sims 2 CD. Woohoo.

I found my other one with the Nightlife expansion so, I am pretty much occupied too. Way too much.. *lol* I escaped death yesterday when I installed it on the laptop (I call it Rasyid by the way, don’t ask me why) without telling him. Heh.

The next time I get loadsa money, I will seriously BUY a new copy with all the expansions. Yeehaa! Now, after announcing that good news, I hope Ain’s zauj won’t come and kill me for that.

If yeah, that would mean I have two fuming husbands chasing my tail.*urgh* 

Ah well, can’t blame me for getting delirious over the game. I mean, with getting a new home, I guess the excitement of renovating the Sims home comes naturally. Though of course I wouldn’t decorate the house like my Sims’ with him being a bachelor seeking for romance and all which means it’s a kinky but hip-looking place – my Sims’ name is Yusof by the way (don’t ask me why “Yusof”, too!).

Coupled with the thought that today will be my last day of no official school (having a day-camp tomorrow), I think it justifies that I’m scrambling to play as much as I can for as long as I can, right?



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