*R 2 1….and of buTs…*

By Freek at 8:09 am on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

(Edited. The thought that my kids could be reading this, slipped my mind. *lol*) 

Dy and I watched 3-oo yesterday. It was R21 but I swear I thought it was that way due to the gore. But, yeah, I was wrong and like T-roy, there were a lot of nakedunclothed people going around. But I was right on the gore.

It was like watching a movie through a museum masterpiece or something. Heh. Real nice. War movies does get to me sometimes. Like, LOTR. Does get my goosebumps up. In such movies, I always await the battlecry. Some really good battlecries were those in Braveheart, LOTR and even T-roy. I didn’t like Alex-andra the G-reat’s battle cry. Wasn’t, inspiring. At the end of the movie, it was like J-et Li’s “Her-o”. One man, against a rain of arrows. Touching to the end.

Yes, ok. I had to ogle at G. BUTTler’s gluteus maximus and also, the many nicely carved bodies the actors had apparently had to show off for the whole length of the movie(though some, to me,were too shapely to the pointof looking a bit funny). Anyhows, don’t take it the wrong way. Though my man doesn’t have those washboard abs, I ogle at him anyways. Heh. It’s just shallow to like people just for the way their bodies are, ain’t it?

I guess it’s because, I lurvvved G. BUTTler in Phantom and yeaps, that’s pretty much why, it was a moment of, admiration.*lol* Of course, Dy did get a bit crazy over that thought.

In the end, it’s you I want, baby. You have a nice ass too. Plus Envy. *lol*

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