By Freek at 11:25 am on Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dy dared me to do this. And so here it is..

As usual, this morning, I wake Dy up for morning prayers. Of course, I expected to hear the occasional “Five more minutes, please..” after which he would wake up promptly.

Today though, was different. Today, I woke him up once in the darkness, and heard him mumbling. Then, I switched on the table lamp, and saw him searching for something under his pillow while saying….(jeng jeng jeng)

Mana kunci kereta? Tadi kita letak sini.. kunci kereta mana?

Heh. I tried so hard not to laugh and played along until, he finally woke up and went to the bathroom. *lol* When I told him about it after prayers, the ego of a man naturally denies. Then sheepishly he said that he dreamt that we already had a car and he found it so precious he put the keys under his pillow to sleep.

Haii… laki aku ni pun. Survey-survey kereta sampai terbawak-bawak dalam tidur. Belum beli kereta ni! Dah nampak camner nanti aku dimadukan dengan kereta. =p

So there. You dared. I did. =p

Oh yah, did I tell you how he was talking to me on the phone at night about 4 years ago and he said,”Eh, ada helicopter!” before I heard silence a snore from his side of the phone? *lol*

Hehe.. I have the cutest and funniest guy for a husband. Couldn’t ask for more. *lol*

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