*The stress factor…*

By Freek at 8:20 pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was supposed to update this days ago but this week isn’t exactly a breezy week for me. Maybe that’s why it was a good thing Dy and I went to the beach and had a relaxing time last Saturday. Anyways, here’s some pictures. The yummiest of food are sometimes the simplest of them.. what more with the loved ones cooking for the ladies. Heh.

1.jpg     3.jpg 

I’ve always seen and loved seeing people barbecuing marshmallows at campfires. There were marshmallows at the bbq session so, I had my chance. I love, love, love it! Love the melted gooeyness of it. *drools* Ok, so I’m a bit back-dated, but at least I had my first. Heh.


Oh, and as much as Dy has been writing about supernatural stuff in his blog, I have a picture of a sighting to share, too. As I was enjoying my marshmallow and Dy took my pic, a creepy being stood behind me. A hungry ghost it seems.


But with that skewer of squid thingies, he was hungry no more. =p  Kena per hungry ghost.. kan cina.. oops..

Kinda stressed up this week. Had to keep the kids’ books updated since it was due to be checked. As expected, I screwed up since I overlooked some of the corrections and so were left unmarked. Kegh!

Really though, my kids have been rather understanding. Helped me alot. Even the little ones this time round are a weeny bit more obedient than my previous batch. Rehearsed with them a couple of time for tomorrow’s observation. Did I mention observation? Yeaps, having one of those tomorrow. I seriously hate doing that but then again, how else will the people up there know how we teach if not this way.

Anyways, like I said, I rehearsed with the kids and of course, bribed told them that if they behaved, I’d bring them to the computer lab on Monday. But seriously, I don’t really have to threaten or keep warning these kids cos’, well, their just betterlah. Heh. Naturally, the kids love the computer lab since I let them play the ML cd-roms and I would expect them to be better than they usually are.

Right now, I’m in the midst of touching up my slides for tomorrow. I can just imagine how the lesson would go on tomorrow. Hmmm… speaking of tomorrow, the form teacher of that class I walked out of last week, is gonna sit in during my lesson tomorrow. Good for me. Ahakz.


And we wrote our names on the sand. (The heart looks like a real big ass, though. Haha.) 



Love you.

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*Of saving….*

By Freek at 8:00 am on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There’s a greater power at work here. Definitely much greater than my absent-mindness.

I didn’t bring my purse to work today.


I somehow brought my eZ-link though. Precisely why I didn’t have to turn back to get my wallet. There’s 3 reasons why God willed that I must not bring my wallet TODAY of all days.

1) It’s about time I take the bus again. Those $2.40 transports are not options anymore. But dear God, I took the bus to work yesterday.. though of course I plead guilty to taking the taxi home. *blush*

2) I have been going on about trying to lose weight. God is giving me a reason and helping me in that way.

3) Cut down on the chocolate intake! This one is arghh! TODAY, the Cadbury people are coming to sell chocolates in my school and I am going to MISS it. Sigh.

But yeah, sacrifices have to be made and God has His reasons. So, it’s bus home for me later, lunch at home and no stocking of chocolate in my workstation. *lol* But, yeah, I’m definitely grateful for His help. I’ve been complacent and this is a good opportunity for me to start. Alhamdullilah.

Had a good talk with Dy about plans ahead. I love talking about the future. It makes me more secure about what the future will look like. And we’ll take it a step at a time, ok, baby? First we plan for June, then next year, then 2 years down the road and then more to come. *love you*

Wanted to update about the bbq on Saturday but didn’t bring me thumbdrive today it seems. Ah well, shall do it when I get back. Just hoping that my Sims won’t beat me to it. Bah!

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*Temperature rising…*

By Freek at 11:18 am on Thursday, April 12, 2007

It’s frustrating to teach a class where you stand there like a broken record, trying to teach something, and kids are playing hand-games with their friends, having peer bonding conversations, yapping loudly to every single point you make, making yawning noises just to catch others’ attention and not bringing their books. It’s definitely frustrating and gave me the justified reasons to leave the class before the end of class itself. Thankfully, I walked out of the class 1 minute before bell rung for the next class so, in a way, it minimised the risk of me getting into trouble. But then again, the silence that I ‘heard’ in the class as I stood there declaring how rude and inconsiderate and how unpleasant it was to teach them (and how I could’t care less about what they want to do the next time and finally walked out), the silence was beautiful.

I walked out of a class for the first time this year.  Thought I’d mellowed but apparently, the young blood in me is still very volatile. But what I had to endure today, was really pushing it, really.

I think this is precisely why God made me a MT teacher.


On a nicer note, I tried the briani in school today. Just for the sheer fun of trying.


It’s Thursday and briani is the special for the day. $2 is all it costs. It was ok. A bit too curry-ish for my taste. I’m not much of a curry or dalca person. I’m more of a ayam masak merah kinda person. Si, this briani is just ok for me.

And yeah, I did come cookies over last weekend. If there’s one thing I can bake properly, it has to be ONLY cookies. Choc chip ones at that. Haha. Pathetic. Btw, the top pic is when it was full and the one below was just 2 days later.. *hums* Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar….

cookies.jpg cookiesempty2.jpg

And on an even happier note for me, hurrah to me for having the complete Happy Meal toys of the week – TMNT.


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*Being tagged….*

By Freek at 7:09 pm on Monday, April 9, 2007

A sweet little girl tagged me this so here goes…

Type down 6 WEIRD things about yourself.

  1. When I have the urge to ‘do some big investments’ in the toilet, I would scramble to find a book/newspaper to bring in. It doesn’t matter how urgent or whether the ‘thingy’ is at the edge of coming out, I would search for reading material until I find one. I find a need to do something – read or play game on my mobile – while I’m ‘doing my business’. Call it.. cari ilham. I also sometimes call it, “Input and Output”. (Did I gross you out on this one? heh)
  2. I love eating chendol – minus the green chendol thingy. Urgh!
  3. I can be a chirpy person online, but once you get me in real life, you find a shy-er me – that is, in the initial stagelah. Once I get the hang of you, God help you! *lol*
  4. No matter how hard I practice, I will always get stage-fright and blow it in front of a crowd. Don’t get me wrong though. Tell me to dance, sing in a group, I’ll do it well. But tell me to TALK ALONE in front, hohoho. Believe me, I’ve tried for 10 years already.
  5. I hate to jog. My Sec and JC teachers gave up hope on me. Never passed my 2.4km in my life… all because I find jogging so boring and so I give up easily and turn a run into a stroll. I find running around a track 6 times a tad too boring and the boredom makes it so tiring. Strangely though, when I run on a treadmill with music plugged in my ears or when I’m playing games like netball or captain’s ball for an hour, I can go on quite easily.
  6. And for the 6th, it has made me believe that I’m mildly OCD. When I lock the house door, I need to check the doorknob and gates twice before I leave the house. If I forgot to do that, I would go back to my house to do it even if I had to climb up 4 storeys again. Before I sleep, I open the door just to check the gate again. Before I leave for home, I check my main switches at my workstation twice before I have peace of mind to make my way home. Dy thinks I’m paranoid. But I think, when I do it that way, I’m more sure of myself. Oh, and yes, precisely why I often open my bag to check my things – forgetfulness gets the better of me sometimes.

Aight, that’s all. Heh. I won’t tag anyone though. Lucky you. Heh.

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By Freek at 11:25 am on Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dy dared me to do this. And so here it is..

As usual, this morning, I wake Dy up for morning prayers. Of course, I expected to hear the occasional “Five more minutes, please..” after which he would wake up promptly.

Today though, was different. Today, I woke him up once in the darkness, and heard him mumbling. Then, I switched on the table lamp, and saw him searching for something under his pillow while saying….(jeng jeng jeng)

Mana kunci kereta? Tadi kita letak sini.. kunci kereta mana?

Heh. I tried so hard not to laugh and played along until, he finally woke up and went to the bathroom. *lol* When I told him about it after prayers, the ego of a man naturally denies. Then sheepishly he said that he dreamt that we already had a car and he found it so precious he put the keys under his pillow to sleep.

Haii… laki aku ni pun. Survey-survey kereta sampai terbawak-bawak dalam tidur. Belum beli kereta ni! Dah nampak camner nanti aku dimadukan dengan kereta. =p

So there. You dared. I did. =p

Oh yah, did I tell you how he was talking to me on the phone at night about 4 years ago and he said,”Eh, ada helicopter!” before I heard silence a snore from his side of the phone? *lol*

Hehe.. I have the cutest and funniest guy for a husband. Couldn’t ask for more. *lol*

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