*Smiles… =) *

By Freek at 7:18 pm on Monday, May 28, 2007

Of course, this being my first day of June holidays, it has been good. Usually, on the first week of June, I’d have my school meetings and all. But since they pushed it back to the last week, kinda feels weird. And although I didn’t really get to continue sleeping after sending Dy off to work, I had an even more fruitful day.

Oh.. oh! I bought this last Thursday. Hehe. Naturally, I am gonna keep the box for God knows whatever for. Good thing I bought this with NTUC vouchers Dy got from his workplace so, he didn’t really mind me getting it. We even got a cheap blender to make ice-blended treats! Wahahak!

Dy and I went to T2 on Saturday for lunch @ canteen. Dy loves the Rex Nasi Ayam there. After that though, we went to Swensen’s for dessert. And to commemorate his first ever pay-check, my Bro decided to treat the whole family to pizza in the evening. Hehe.

mybaby.jpg moi.jpg


So for today, since I didn’t have to go to school, I cooked. Decided to make sweet & sour fish. Seriously, I know nuts what to use for the dish so I just recalled the tastes of sweet & sour dishes I’ve eaten so far, in my mouth. My tastebuds have been working like clockwork these days. I can virtually just think of a food I’ve tasted and I’ll have the taste in my mouth. *lol* Feeling Pe-ter Pet-relli from that Heroes series plak. Only, he thinks about other heroes in order to use their superpowers. Oh and I digress. Heh.

fish1.jpg fish2.jpg

ss1.jpg ss2.jpg


Me mum is an excellent cook. Dy’s mum, well, cooks caters for weddings. So, those are two very big pairs of shoes for me to fill. Thankfully though, I know how to cook most things Dy likes to eat. With the clear exception of nasi briyani, of course. Sigh. Nonetheless,my darling ate it and took second helpings. =D


And so, inspired by all the ice-blended stuff we’ve drunk during the weekend, I decided to use the new blender.

Mangoshake for mum – using mango ice-cream(hehe) and mango flesh. Of course, if my dad knew he’d kill me because I just brought me mum to clinic for sore throat this morning.


And for Dy and my bro, chocoshake. Me bro wanted extra coco-pops toppings for his. Heh.

chocshake.jpg chocpop.jpg

And here’s my very sweet baby slurping on his sweet drinks. I love his dimples. Rarr!


Aight, off now. Tomorrow I’ll be learning pottery in school. I’m thrilled. =)

And this weekend, will be Katak and Freek’s first marriage anniversary. =D


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*That’s the end…*

By Freek at 4:24 pm on Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Wednesday was the monthly Fruit & Vege day in school. I was put in HE comm by the way and I was in-charge for this month’s and so, I had to hunt for some CIKUs, the fruit I chose to introduce. Of course, 2 days before the event I had to scramble to get cikus only to find out it wasn’t season yet. Silly me. But thank God for Mustafa Centre, me Coordinator managed to get some and ho ho ho! I must say it rekindled my passion for cikus. The last time I ate cikus was back in Primary School, I reckon. Argh!


And since the last week of school basically meant I had a lot of time in my hands with the little ones, I had them help me with the selling. Haha. Got them to alternately shout “Ciku, ciku! 10-cents, 10cents!” It was hilarious seeing how enthusiastic they were trying to sell to their friends.


And here’s the Chekgoo with her cikus and cheeky ones. *lol*


Oh, and then I had mee rebus for lunch. I love the school’s mee rebus. The gravy’s damn thick. Reminds me of the mee rebus I had when I was a kid. The uncle who sold the mee rebus moved stall but me dad found him in Lorong Ah Soo. But soon after, he was there no longer. So, lucky for me, the mee rebus I have in school, tastes just like that one and to make it even more yummylicious, a packet costs only $1. Ahh, the benefits of working in school. $3 pocket money a day more than suffices. Heh. Oh, yes, I like mine without taugehs. =s


Ok, so I ended up not going to school today due to exhaustion and dizzyness. Yesterday, when I met up with my RO for my work review, he commented I looked tired. Damn right I was. I was damn tired sitting down to much, doing to much paper work. My ass hurt even though the chair was a cushioned one.

Once I finished with that, I went home straightaway. Had a bit of rest, and Dy asked me out for some retail therapy. Hehe.. not the clothes-and-shoes kind. More of groceries. Dy and I, we’re simple and practical people. We only buy new clothes/shoes/stuff when the ones we have are worn out or in dire straits. Hehe. Besides, these days,we’re gonna need to save up. And time to practice more caution. And time to cut down on the taxi rides. For me at least. *Arghhhhh* But then, it IS quite impossible. *lol*


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*The loot…*

By Freek at 7:23 am on Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yo ho.. yo ho..

It was great to have watched Pirates yesterday.

Though I found it draggy at first, in the end, I laughed.

And cried.

Very nice.

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*Counting down…*

By Freek at 8:10 am on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I’ve never felt any more erratic in my whole entire life, than this past week. Thankfully, I have a very patient husband who has been such a darling in helping me get through it. Not forgetting friends too. *hugz*

Anyways, Dy has mentioned how we spent our weekend in his blog. It was a nice meeting with Ain and family and of course, I felt a bit awkward in the first place as with ALL new people I MEET. Any close friend of mine would have thought something’s wrong with me if they saw how I behaved the first time I met Dy. I was awfully quiet. Ahh.. that was such a looOOoong time ago. Almost 6.5 years to be precise.

Back to the meeting with Ain and family, it was a pity I had school on that day cos’ I could have made some cookies to bring along to our little outing. Heh. On Sunday, me and Dy decided to get a small tv to put in our room. Initially, I hated the thought of having a tv in the room cos’, well, a bedroom is a place to sleep and with a tv around, it is SUCH a distraction. Trust me. But then again, with me parents staying with us for the moment, it’s good for privacy and yeah, I love watching tv with Dy cuddling me.

So, along with that 14″ tv(tiny, huh?), we got ourselves a small 3-drawer cupboard to put the tiny tv on. We also needed space to put our inner clothings in. *lol* In the end, the cupboard didn’t really take up much room and it didn’t even disturb our solat area. Thanks to my dad for putting the whole drawer together. My mum was so against me fixing up the stuff. Some superstitious thingy. I love d.i.y stuff so, I was like “bleargh!” for not getting the chance to do it myself. With the cupboard and tv, we now have less budget for our anniv. From that luxury get-away we had planned, we’ll be doing a budgetted one instead. And due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the plan to travel somewhere. However, I’m just happy that we’re reaching that 1-year mark and that I’ll be spending it with him. I’ll be contented to just spend the time with him at home, watching tv on our bed, having cake and dessert. But then, again, this year, privacy isn’t much yet so, yes, we shall be overnighting somewhere for late-night movie and stuff. I’m estatic. Especially thinking of his reaction when he sees my present. I know he will FREEK out on me. (pun intended)

Anyways, I’m off to class now.


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*Anger – (un) checked! *

By Freek at 1:34 pm on Friday, May 18, 2007

When there comes a time when I feel I have mellowed and that I’m able to keep my anger and patience in check, I blow up again and in numbers.

Especially these days.

Yesterday, me mum told me to keep my anger in check. It won’t be good for me. Of course, things are usually easier said than done. I am struggling to do that but how do I keep my hormones in check? Yes. It’s a-swinging!

I’ve been angry at the kids these days. And even to Dy.

This I know, is not good.

Should try harder. It’ll be bad for the babies in my life if I don’t.



The hols are nearly here!


Maybe that’s why God chose this time for me.


Thank you, O Allah! 

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