*A long weekend…*

By Freek at 12:37 pm on Friday, June 29, 2007

With this coming Monday being Youth Day hol and all, it’s just nice to know that I have one extra day to sleep my eyes out.

Anyhows, it has been a good start to the term. Though the big ones are getting a weeny bit rowdier(growing pains causes their mouth to itch and talk incessantly I suppose), they are still controllable. It caused me such a fright when I was explaining to them today about getting images from the Internet and suddenly a p*rnographic picture came up as one of the search results. Can you imagine getting an image of a man giving a bl*j*b when all I asked for were pictures of “Mee Soto”? Haha… In my panic, I closed the bloody window and heard one boy utter, “Eeee… orang tu tengah   his*p   k*n*k…” *lol*

My little ones, they really light up my teaching life this year. What more with today’s lesson. Blindfolded a member of each group and they took turns tasting things I prepared like lime, salt, tamarind, strawberries, chocolate and even preserved duck egg. Hehe.. was funny to see them squirm underneath the blindfold as they told me whether the tastes were sweet, salty or sour and guess what in the world I made their tongues work at. Those who got to taste chocolate were the envy of the class but those who had to take the preserved duck egg, tamarind or salt, it wasn’t so pleasant for them. *lol* Cik-cik-cikgu Suhainis, Cikgu Suhainis kasi saya makan garam nanti saya boleh darah tinggi, tau!


At the end of fun, there are lessons to be learnt, but definitely such experiences rouse them for their written work after the hands-on part. Especially when I gave them all a lollipop each to eat while they write down the tastes and physical description of the candy on the sheet given. *lol* Well, it is afterall a lesson on SENSES. I could have been reprimanded for letting the kids eat in class(which is prohibited, by the way), but it’s the experience the kids have that matter to me more. That’s the good thing about the S**D thingy schools are carrying out these days. We have more experiences in class. Bad side of it would be, teachers have to spend time preparing those fun stuff to do. Like yesterday, I spent some time putting the foodstuff into individual Ziploc bags and even used gloves. Last thing I want is to have kids getting food poisoning from unhygenically prepared foodstuff.

But yah, at the end of the day, when the kids learned something, remembered that experience and have smiles on their faces, all efforts, all those time preparing is just worth it. Dy wasn’t even neglected. He got time-off to play AOM or go on the Net which I believe, he didn’t mind at all. =p

And to end it off today, I’ll be having Malay Dance practice. I hope 1-month of non-dancing-activity won’t make their joints or mind rusty. Sigh. Don’t worry, I’ll try very hard to control my urge of dancing with the kids for the 2-hour practice session. I already had some cramps after the end of my P1 lesson for running about too much. Heh.

Gonna end this up with a not-so-relevant note.

Can’t wait to watch Optimus Prime! Autobots, transform!

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