*End of MC…Start of Work*

By Freek at 9:29 pm on Friday, June 8, 2007

Apologies if I start blabbering in this entry.

Before I start, I’d like to share a little secret my darling told me while he was asleep and sleep-talking.

He is Superman.

But shhh… jangan bilang orang, k?


I’d love to tell you guys more of it, but haha.. nah..

Today marks my last day of m.c from the hospital. Which means, I better start worrying about work. I mean, there’s only 2 more weeks left till the madness starts again. But for me, I’ll have to slow down that madness a bit. I’ve to, erm, contain my eagerness when I’m teaching my little ones and also, the big ones. Sometimes, I get too excited, I forget I’m 25. Ok, 25 sounds a bit depressing. I’m still 24. Thank God!

Anyhows, since Dy has taken his leave for next 2 weeks, asked him to cut down to 1 week so I can drag him to any future appointments. So for the whole of next week, I’d lug him down to my school and he can get started on updating my department website. Dang that thing. We haven’t had the time to really update it. Haha. But, yeah, who really cares? It’s just a weeny boost to my work review. Haha. And since my school laptop has been broken by yours truly who was about to fall one day when she stepped on her laptop lcd and cracked it to bits to break her fall, I’m virtually left to use the desktops at the common workstation or lug my home laptop to work daily, which is not really a viable option considering I have to go easy on the things I bring around.

What? You broke your school laptop’s LCD? You might holler. Yeah, I broke it and I’d have to fork out about 1K from my pocket to replace that laptop which my school TA said would be condemned in 2-3 years. Sigh. Anyone knows of where I can replace a laptop lcd at a cheap, cheap, cheap price? Heh. Thank God though I don’t have to rush it.

Ah well, for as long as this week lasts, I’m gonna savour it. Really, though it had been a tad too boring, it was relaxing.. to the point where I’m staring to feel reallllllllyyyyy sore about starting work again. Tween, Witt, altogether now… SIGH….

Can’t wait for payday though. Ka-ching!

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*Bored up to here…*

By Freek at 1:18 pm on Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yes, I’m bored out of my wits. Since being discharged, I’ve been stuck at home. My dad says it’s just what I deserve since I was never the stay-home type when I was healthy. Heh. Even on the afternoon before I got warded, I was out with Dy to Vivo and PC show with a fever brewing in me. *lol* Yes, it’s my just desserts to be forced to stay home, according to dad.

Sleep, vcd, eat, vcd, pc, vcd, sleep. (I shall not talk about my work since ‘m not in the mood to start doing work yet. Besides, I’m on MC till Friday! =p )

That’s basically my routine since Monday. I know, working people would kill to get that sorta routine, but yah, not me! I need fresh air. Even if fresh air means following Dy to my in-laws’ today which is a mere 3-minutes away, I shall. I need to walk around for a bit, you know. Only, that 3-minutes will have to be lengthened to about 9-minutes with my walking speed having to be retarded a bit. It’s very ‘rimas’ to walk so slowly for someone like me. *lol* But yeah, I wouldn’t wanna risk bleeding. FYI, the bleeding hasn’t stopped. Ok, it’s more like spotting. Brown-coloured stuff. Urgh.

So, I’m now watching my Star Wars trilogy collection, after which it’ll be Hot Shots. My sis lent my Pirates O.T.C – Dead Man’s Chest to her friend and I can’t wait for it to return. I’m trying to get my hands on TMNT vcds my bro bought while I was away in hospital but my mum kept it away from me. You know, my mum’s very, very superstitious. She doesn’t want me to watch TMNT cos she doesn’t want me to have a kid who’d look like them!! Hehe.. so cutelah my mum. I’m still in the yolk+hearbeat stagelah. Still too earlY! But kalau macam TMNT pun cute per! *lol* I guess I can’t blame herlah considering the way she was brought up and how celupar my mouth can be at times. Hehe. But hey, I wanna watch siah the TMNT vcds! Those are the movies back when I was a kid. Now where did she say she kept/locked it? Heh. Well, if she knows I’m watching Star Wars, she’d probably freaked. The number if weird looking things in here are, well, countless.

But yeah, like Witt’s advice to look at things beautiful, I do that too.

I watch Super-natural. *winks*

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*Of being in hospital…*

By Freek at 3:38 pm on Monday, June 4, 2007

Four nights in hospital is quite a lot of days and after taking so many pictures, I can’t really be bothered to edit the pics and post it up here.

It was quite depressing being there. Other than being alone, you see a lot of sick people. Ok, that’s a redundant thing to say since I’m in a hospital. Anyways, on my first day, there was a young Indian girl on the bed in front of me. She, had a big cyst removed from her fallopian tube. Scary, yes. She even let me see the picture of her cyst. At first she said the doctors told her the cyst was in her ovary but in the end it was in her fallopian tube. I had a friend who had her ovary removed due to cyst. That scares me like, duh.. being woman and all.

And then there’s the lady beside me who had been there for quite a number of days, it seems. She had a tube and bottle attached to her at all times to contain some “bloodied dirty water” coming out of her. Quite a bad case of diarrhoea and vomitting she had there.There was also an aunty who had a cut in her somewhere but she went home on my second day there.

The food served were great I must say. No sarcasm there. It was honestly, nice. I guess it was our sickness which caused us to have no appetite to eat. For example, I had my fave kinda mee goreng for breakfast but I couldn’t eat because I didn’t have the appetite for it. All the medicine. Tsk.

The docs made me do an ultrasound and it was even more depressing. I mean, at the ultrasound clinic, there were a lot of women with big, bulging stomachs and me? I was there with a flat enough stomach. Like, man! The lady doing my ultrasound couldn’t use the usual womb scan on me. She used the vaginal one. Ok, that’s a very weird scan to do. Trust me, you wouldn’t want it in YOURS. But only through that, could the doc see my 5.7(now 6)- weeks old yolk. Yes, not even a baby yet. Just a round yolk with a heartbeat. Hehe.

So now that I’m back in the comfort of my bed, I’m gonna make sure I keep myself healthy for me and my.. erm.. yolk. Hopefully all goes well there. It is after all very, very early and risks are high. I mean, I scare myself just reading up about this bleeding thing. I mean, 50% of pregnant women who bleed during the first trimester, might lose their “baby”, you know. But yeah, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be baby for Dy and I. If not, then Dy and I, we’ll try again. But yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that, shall we?

Right now, though, I’m waiting anxiously for my darling to come home. 3 hours till his punch-out time. Yeay!

what1.jpg Remember this pic? It’s from the one on the left.


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*Happy Anniversary, dearest…*

By Freek at 9:29 pm on Sunday, June 3, 2007

First years are somehow very important for most of us. When I completed my first year of teaching, me and the other probationers in my school, we were celebrated. They gave us certs and all to mark our First Year in teaching.

First year wedding anniversaries, are important for most newly-weds too. What it symbolises, differ from couple to couple and they have different ways of celebrating it.

For me and Dy, today is our First Year (Marriage) anniversary. I wouldn’t say wedding since our wedding was held 6 months after our solemnisation/marriage ceremony. Anyways, we had planned for this weekend early May. The plan was: Check into a hotel, dinner at our fave anniv/birthday restaurant, movie and privacy. But of course, we can only plan cos’ in the end, it’s the will of God that allows things to/to not happen.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be spending my anniversary on a hospital bed. But God has His reasons and I concede to that.

Will update about my hospital stay when I get discharged,. For now, allow me to say something about my dearest. Oh and by the way, I AM still in hospital. Using their wireless network at the moment. *lol*

Being in hospital, away from him for these past 3 days have made me appreciate the times I had with him. It got me thinking of the times I was such a bitch to him. The times I would be pissed off by him and sleep with my back turned against him. All the times I was a meanie came fluttering back.

I missed my dearest during these past few days.(was admitted on Thursday night by the way). I missed ironing his clothes for him, getting him a drink after work, bathing together, watching tv together,  praying together, being hugged to sleep, talking to him while looking into his eyes… God help me but I’m crying as I type this and remembering all the good times I’ve had with him by my side. Remembering him. His smile which lifts me up when I’ve had a shitty day. His hugs which calms me down when I’m stressed up with work.

I know, 3 days isn’t that much of a deal to most people, but I guess, when you start living with someone who has been part of your life for almost 7 years, it gets hard when they are not around. On the night I was warded, yes, I cried. I cried because it was damn cold and the fever made me shiver under the 3 blankets I already had. I cried. I cried because the young female doctor poked me 7 frigging times to find vein and blood but to no avail and the 45-min ordeal tired me a lot. I cried. I cried because my family would not be around.  My dad, my mum, my bro, my sistz.

And I cried. Cried because I know the one person I would miss very, very much would not be around. Dy. Cried as he hugged me before he left.

Dy, I wanted to cry when I read this entry of yours. Cos’ it made me know that you too, feel the way I do.

Dy, I’m sorry we had to spend our anniversary this way. I am glad though that you loved the gift I gave you. I was happy to see how excited you were when I gave it to you. Remember how angry I was when you tried to download one of the episodes online and I said there is always a reason for everything? Yes, because I already bought the real thing, that you wanted so much, for you. And it warmed my heart that you liked it. *hugz*

Before I cry more and get my temperature up, causing me to be retained and thus means another day without you, let me end this entry in a while.

Dy, I can never thank God enough for giving you to me. The love you haven’t given to me, is overwhelming. And Dy, I may be stubborn but  I always have your words in mind. I promise to look after myself for the both of us. For the three of us.

Dear reader, please pray for me and my 6-weeks old pregnancy. It’s only 6-weeks and with the light bleeding I get when I walk around too much, it’s quite at risk. Thanks to my friends who took the time to visit me here. Thanks to Maya Cupcakes for the lovely anniversary cake.

Thanks to Dy, for being the best husband I could ever hope for.

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