*Complaint : He said you slapped him…*

By Freek at 5:07 pm on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ok, I now have an official ‘slapping’ complaint coming from a student’s parent.

I’m apparently accused of slapping the boy when he didn’t know how to spell his mum’s name. Can you believe it? Allegedly slapping the boy in the face?

Hmm.. me being me, I would have loved to slap the boy’s face since, well, I’m being accused of something I didn’t do and I might as well have done it. But then again, it’s just not worth it. Besides, the mum didn’t accuse me. She just told me that the boy complained and she had to mention it to me. What sorta like amazed me more was that the alleged incident took place like 2 days ago and between that time and now, he has been ok in class. Hmm…

So I told the mum, that if ever I touch my pupils, it would be a gentle pinch to the ear or cheeks, you know, the playful kind. But to slap? Hmm… who am I to even slap another person’s child? Generally, my kids understand my body language. When I’m angry, I’m angry and throw books or scream or keep silent. Sometimes, I give a playful/gentle pinch to the cheek and point out their mistakes at the same time. But most of the time, they know me as a cheerful chekgoo.

So I told the mum that I did not do as accused. Ah well, the parts and parcels of teaching.

And apparently, too, he accused his form teacher of nudging his head hard and pulling him by the ears.


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