By Freek at 11:24 am on Friday, July 13, 2007

I’ve been lazy lazier of late.

By the time I get home each day, I can’t actually be bothered to switch the laptop on, do any work, iron work clothes or even, do the laundry. All I want is to laze in bed, watch some tv/dvds and go to sleep. But of course, it’s mainly my fault for spending all my energy going out after school sometimes. Which drives my mum crazy, by the way. She just doesn’t understand why I go out roaming every single day. Well, can’t blame her since she never actually had problems with me roaming about back when I was schooling.

But yeah, it’s been busy. Good thing though, I get to slot movies in between despite the hectic schedules. Like watching the sneak of Ha-rry Pot-ter on Wednesday. I don’t actually read the books. So, in a way, I see the movie, as a movie and not compare it to the book. Maybe it was because I had had a tiring day with meetings after meetings (even dozing off during one right under the nose of my head.), that I thought the show was a bit draggy. Of course, one cannot expect to see too much magic stuff going on since the characters are already in their teens and it would have been ridiculous to see them doing some silly hocus-pocus. I guess, the combo of teenage growing pains and impending war with evil, makes the movie sorta like dark of sorts. I’d prolly watch it the second time around but only when we’ve run-dry of movies though.

Anyways, anyone who would like to order some instant chicken cheese popiah home-made by my darling Ain, you can go to her website or order with me(for friends of mine). She’s doing some home-based business to pay for her therapy sessions. So, if you’re interested, please order so she can get well soon and she can then come to my house. Hahaha. Besides, the more you order, the more she will have to move her hands around, folding those popiahs and I guess, that’s also partly helping her do therapy by herself aside from the professional therapy sessions she has to undergo. Take it from me, the popiahs taste good. And besides, they’re with CHEESE. Yum!

Aight, am off to do marking.

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*Thursdays…and relatives…*

By Freek at 5:26 pm on Thursday, July 5, 2007

I loathe Thursdays.

And today, is a Thursday I hate the most. Somehow, Thursdays are just shittier.

School was tough today. The stuff I prepared for the school’s Anti-Drug activities are covering the whole of my table. There are loads to finish. And later, I’ll get to know from Dy about what I’ve been bitched about by a certain individual. The last one, I’ve anticipated. How big it is going to be blown up into, will remain to be heard. Funny though that it is almost 3 weeks from the incident and only now it’s brought up.

Earlier in the morning, I was just thinking about an issue my mum shared with me about. You know how Malays like to have family gatherings even during hospital visits. Whilst visiting a terminally-ill aunt, a few of my “closer” aunts were apparently enquirying about my recent fall-out-of-pregnancy experience. How they got to know was quite obvious. One of my cousins married a nurse who coincidentally was my Pri school junior and she works at KK where I was admitted the other time. So, this aunt of mine, somewhat compared her daughter-in-law and me.

She said something like at least I got pregnant. She says her daughter-in-law isn’t even pregnant despite her apparently growing body-size. True or not, I don’t really care but what the hoot? Can’t they give us a break? All these little discussions, do bite in the ass most times. I mean, you can’t expect us to get married and *poof* conceive inmmediately like they did back in their days, what? My mum, well, I’m glad she doesn’t really have that backward mindset some other makciks may have. Besides, people have their own set of plans and goals. Me and Dy, we didn’t plan on a baby, we just let it happen. It didn’t work out, it was a sad but enlightening experience for us. From here, I’m letting nature take its course. If there’s any urgency for me to have a child, it would be solely my decision & Dy’s. And not persistent chatters by some chatterboxes. I hate being compared.

I do worry about the whole process I’ve been through. Sometimes my stomach and womb area feels like they’re being squeezed and I’d have to sit on the chair while teaching, which I absolutely hate doing. I even have to waddle like a penguin to tolerate the pain and yes, I still have that unsightly bulge in that area. Which also brings me to how depressed I got today. One of my kids said my stomach is getting bigger. And as much as I didn’t want to, I almost lost it. Actually, it was the second time my miscarriage was being brought up in one day. So I took a breather to calm myself and forget about it.  I mean, I was fine when I wore my girdle to school the whole of yesterday. No pain, everything flat. But girdles are most inconvenient when you’re trying to do little urgent wee-wees.

So, yah. I hope all things come out fine at the end of this. Pray I get my menses soon, pray I can conceive again, pray that it’ll be successful this time around. If not, then I’l start all over again.

And for those makciks out there who are taking a liking to comparing newly-married couples, please stop that nasty habit. If you can’t help give wonderful advice on making marriages work or how to have a wonderful pregnancy, don’t ever try to speculate why this couple has a child first eventhough they marry later than another couple. Or how come this couple are not conceiving yet despite 5 years of marriage or so. That’s just nasty. And it might just land you in Hell if it causes grief to the people involved.There’s more to life than baby making. And there’s more to baby-making than just sex.


On a lighter note, a big congrats to a dear, dear friend of mine, Nur Amlia, who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon. Yeay!!

And yeah.. yesterday’s Documentary on Central was superb. About animals mating and all.

Can’t wait to start mating again. *lol* 

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*All smiles…*

By Freek at 11:16 pm on Monday, July 2, 2007

Although it’s Monday and the prevailing mood of most people would be summed up by the colour blue, I’m feeling far from that. Met the 2 ladies of 3SHA. Hehe.. Tween & Witt. Witt gave us cookies and the time was spent walking, but also, catching up on our lives. Which was, like old times. I love you girls. And yes, Ain, they are garang just like me but in our different ways. *lol*

It is a day-off, being Youth Day and all. But I’m still on the clouds with the nice day I had yesterday.

Sometimes on ridiculous days, I would start the day bickering with Dy. But, no, yesterday was a perfect start to the morning. Everything felt like it was floating and stuff like that. In fact, I didn’t think I was angry about anything for the whole day. Which prolly meant my mood swing decided to take the day off. Then we went down to the Charity Carnival at Da-rul Ma’-wa. Initially, I wasn’t actually excited about going albeit the show having the delicious A-nuar Z-ain as the highlight. It was hot and waiting up for the stars wasn’t really a great idea.

But, I got hooked. When I came, Sg singer Didi-cazli was on stage. He sounded real good live and of course, I loved his “Dambaan” song. Then came the duo S-leeq. They were good, too. So, we stayed on since Im-ran Aj-main was coming up and it was worth it. I mean, since that DJ Ha-feez sorta kutuk-ed Im-ran during the Anu-gerah show, I was waiting to hear what it was all about. Hoho, the guy sounded really good. All the falsettos were good as he belted out 3 songs, the last being “Se-ribu Ta-hun” or something. Brilliant.

And yes, the emcees hyped it up so high that I was actually excited waiting for Mr A-nuar! Hehehe…

The best part was, he came down to the audience and shook hands with the people. He made this woman sing with him. She’s like 2 seats in front of me. Good thing he concentrated on the right side of the audience. Lucky for me.

Duet Makcik & Anuar

 Then he sang to people at the back and yes, full view is what I got. Hehe..

Full face view

He inched his way further down and shook hands with the people beside me.

Just beside me

Since Dy warned me not to shake hands with him(dang!), all I could do was wave to A-nuar and… and… hehe… he waved back, smiled and winked! Woohoo! Wa cair ah!


I think Dy caught that using his handphone. All my cheerings, well, can be heard if you were to watch back the video he & I took. After the shaking hands, the guy went back up, and sang one of my favourite A-nuar songs, “Mungkin”. I wanted to go up front and record it from in front of the stage like some of the teenagers were already doing. After some encouragement from the lady in front of me who was pissed that her battery died, I went. Hehe. Pergilah, dik! Tak pergi rugi seyy… she said. Halfway, my battery went flat, I rushed behind to get spare batteries, and got there in time for the part I was dying to hear most. Woohoo! I guess I was a tad too loud cos one of the Ma’-wa volunteers off-stage guarding, looked at me in bewilderment. Hehe… aku lupa yang aku ni bukan kat stadium tengok concert BSB lah, brader..

Sigh… naturally, I was very excited all the way home and I thank Dy for being oh-so-understanding about it. Hehe… ah well, it’s not everyday you get winked by one of the good-looking artistes around. A very good consolation for me for not getting to shake his hand or, for a really fanatic makcik, hug the man. Hahaha… that is xiao level.

Aight, off to sleep now. Nightey night everyone. Back to Earth. *lol*

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By Freek at 11:22 am on Sunday, July 1, 2007

Yesterday, I had my mood swing to extremes like a pendulum.

Let me just talk about the sucky side first.

Yesterday, after watching a movie at B-Gis, I walked briskly to the loo. I carried with me a bottle of MINERAL WATER, you know, to istinjak or clean myself afterwards. But I was stopped by a &@%$ Ca-ya-nun-alif auntie who told me I couldn’t bring the bottle inside. I explained to her calmly that I needed it to wash myself. And she said, “Wash outside here got wash”.

I ignored her, and she followed me to where I was queuing. I was 3rd in the queue of 5 ladies. 2 in front of me were ca-ya-nun-alif and so were the 2 behind me. The (@&*#^ auntie again told me I couldn’t bring my water in. I told her, I needed to use it to wash myself. She now sought the help of one Chin-nese lady behind me to tell me in English. Since I understood very well what she was saying, I told the lady that I was going to clean myself with it. I think the lady understood me but the *^@&E$ auntie said in Chi-nese,

Wo che tao. Ta yao something something pi ku…

What FUCK! At the mere mention of that last word, I was getting so bloody angry. I was already going to confront her but I was afraid that I was going to go into a slew of vulgarities since I was really pissed off and I’m ugly when I’m angry. Heck, I was already in the right mind to splash the water in her face and tell her if she was afraid I was going to wet the floor and she had to spend her last remaining minutes of work mopping it, I could fucking mop the floor myself. Dasar pemalas nak mampos. As if the toilet was that clean to begin with.

But if I were to do that, I’d be the only Malay there and what I wanted to say to her would have made me sound fucking racist. No, I wouldn’t and didn’t want to shame myself or my race in the eyes of the bewildered ladies queuing to pee.  No, I wasn’t about to make a scene just for that moronic auntie who doesn’t know the meaning of cleaning herself since she fucking only uses toilet paper to selet her pantat berkerak. Muthafucker shithead. Maybe that’s why they put her as a cleaner. Bloody shitface. Of course, I could have been thick-skinned and continue lining up. But the &*#%% shithead was rambling on and on to the clueless lady.

Being a person who doesn’t really talk much but pretty much prefer being physical about things, rather than I take a swipe at her face and get myself into trouble, I stormed out of the toilet, waved my mineral water up in the air and shouted, “Is it going to be SUCH a big problem!”Of course, no curses came out. Remember, mesti maintain image. Besides, wouldn’t want the big headline to be “Teacher hits shithead auntie” or stuff like that.

Poor Dy had to endure my onslaught of cursing and swearing for the whole journey to Mustafa Centre. Bloody babi idiot fuck.

Ok, sorry about that. Just recalling the incident made me really disgusted.

Anyhows, as I mentioned, I watched a movie last night. It was free, courtesy of Bantut. Yeaps, watched Transformers and I so bloody loved it. It was utterly brilliant. If I was in the back row of the cinema, I would have stood up. I mean, it was agony waiting for Opti-mus Prime or the other Auto-bots to reveal themselves but the wait was much, much worth it. At the sight ofOpti-mus, I literally cried. Hehe. Like I told Bantut, my whole childhood flew past me in that 2 hours watching the show. Seriously bloody brilliant. If we watched it in Lido, there will be people applauding at the end of a good movie and I’d definitely cheer but since we were in Bu-gis, there was just one or two distant clappings aside from me and Dy’s. Hehe.

Ahh.. Dy and I will be heading to a cinema again today to catch it again. Once isn’t enough for this one. At least, that’s what Dy and I think. And there is obviously a sequel to it, I suppose. Just watching it reminded me of the time my bro cried and rolled on the floor when my dad refused to buy for him a Trans-former robot back in the 80’s at Parkway. The bloody thing cost $150, mind you. Haha..

I wonder if they’re gonna make other 80’s childhood movies. Gummy bears, anyone?*lol*

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