By Freek at 9:31 am on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been very tired of late.

Of course, with fasting and all, it’s little wonder why. Teaching is another factor. A lot of repeating and all which sometimes fall on deaf ears. And being in-charge of Hari Raya Concert, certainly adds to it all.

Maybe also because of my? menses not coming normally still. I mean, after that mis——– in June, my menses hasn’t really returned as normal. After the 3 week of abnormal discharge last month, I wonder whether it’ll return this month. All the hormones are circling around adding fatigue to my body. Have been feeling nauseous too, which I mentioned previously.

Apple juice. I’m craving for apple juice right now. But then again, I buka and sahur with apple juice practically everyday now.

Oh well, I am fasting after all.

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*Of wind…*

By Freek at 9:39 am on Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fasting is more challenging for people with a lot of wind in their stomachs. For me, it makes me very nauseous when it builds up in me.

But then, I’m thankful for Ramadhan because it helps me curb my intake of food which may aggravate my gastric. I think I’m feeling a bit lighter on the stomach although, Dy confirmed with me that my bootie is getting bigger.?Not like?he was?complaining about it?though. Hahah…

Anyhows, went to the doc’s yesterday since was having abdominal pains and nausea. Despite me telling her that my menses hasn’t returned normally after my miscarriage so quite impossible to get pregnant again(even so, too early to test for pregnancy), she tested me for it. Needless to say, it was negative so, she told me maybe it was just the wind (oh, thank you, doc). So, instead of wasting the day lazing around, I decided to cook buka. Spagetti for the family and vegetable soup for me. And oh, I baked too.

To be safe, I decided to just bake brownies in the cups instead of attempting on cakes. Haha. But what was heartbreaking was, there was so much oil coming out of the cups and I thought it was spoilt. Think it was the butter. Not wanting to waste, I removed the cakes from the soaked cups and put them into another cup.(in a way, good thing cos’ the cake didn’t taste oily or buttery)?Hehe.. and then, up came the cream. And to clear things up, Tween, I used plastic bag for bungkus kuah as my piping bag! So the tak professional langsung.

Here it is.


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*Of instincts & being inspired…*

By Freek at 5:12 pm on Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday, inspired by Tween-O‘s cupcakes which she’ll be  making for me for Children’s Day, I decided to give another shot at my own cupcake-making endeavour since I also bought extra cupcake cups. Of course, I was skeptical about giving to my in-laws since I was relying mostly on instincts (omitted recipe books) and it was after all, fasting season. Though my sisters liked it, I think my in-laws might have found it.. hard and buttery since my big mistake was putting the cake in the fridge to avoid melting the icing. Heh.

The cake, I knew where I went wrong so, I’ll improvise on that the next time around. No, Dy. It won’t be 1 year from now. =p

And since Dy found the butter taste a tad too overwhelming after a feast of roti naan, keema and porridge, I’m thinking of relying on my instincts again in making fresh cream or something less buttery. Heh. Hope my instincts won’t run out on me.

As for Hari Raya cookies which I’d prolly start making in 2 weeks time, thank God my sisters are big enough now. I can get them to bake after I make them. Baking takes so much time. Especially, Snowball Cornflakes.


Now I’m inspired to buy more colorings. *grins*

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*Freek midnight scare…*

By Freek at 9:22 am on Friday, September 14, 2007

I had a nightmare which freeked me real good last night.

It started the moment I fell asleep after the “Is it real? : Exorcism” documentary on Central which was about 11pm. Of course, the dream didn’t have anything to do with what I watched.

In the dream, I went to a dentist due to an excruciating pain in my mouth. In reality, I do sometimes have jaw-aches due to the growing of my wisdom teeth and occasionally, I really become all-jaws and snap at people (pun intended) when it gets too intolerable. So anyways, in the dream, I sat down on the seat, and as soon as I opened my mouth, the pain got real bad. The dentist said, the pain was the result of a loose top right canine tooth. I told him it was impossible cos’ it didn’t feel at all loose when I entered the room. But when I used my tongue to feel it, true enough, it was loose. So loose, it could fall off any second. He advised me to pull it out but since it was a canine tooth, which is like, visible with a smile, I refused to get it pulled out. I left the dentist hoping and praying it wouldn’t.

However, as soon as I got out of the dentist’s office, the tooth fell off! I freeked out as it felt so real. It really felt as if my tooth fell off in reality. So, in the dream, I walked back to the dentist’s office. He helped me wash off the gum area. Afterwards, as I lay on the seat, he told me that now that one of my canine tooth is gone, the rest will follow suit soon enough.

What the f***! By this time, I freeked out even more. I didn’t wanna lose anymore of my front teeth! Not my canines! I need them to tear off the Twisties wrappers or Milo sachets when I don’t have any scissors with me! I don’t wanna look like I’ve just been punched by Hulk Hogan when I smile!

Unfortunately, true enough, as I felt around my mouth with my tongue, I felt my two lower canines fall off. They were rolling around in my mouth. It was so vivid, I almost felt those teeth in my mouth and my body was trembling in reality. I was so desperate to wake up but being in deep sleep, I needed a rude jolt to wake me up.

One by one, my bicuspids, my incisors became loose and fell off. All as I sat upright on the dentist seat. I cried and cried as I spitted the teeth on my hands.
And then I heard it. The sound of guitar. My handphone!

And I woke up. I was so thankful for the person who sms-ed me.

Under normal circumstances, I would have groused if I was awakened by my handphone in the middle of the night. But yesterday night, I was in gratitude to my childhood friend who had sms-ed me a Happy Ramadhan.

I checked the time, it was 0038hrs. Couldn’t believe the whole intense ordeal was in the span of just 1 hour. It felt a whole lot longer than that. Shrugged it off, and went back to sleep embracing Dy.

Told my mum about me dream. She told me that according to old beliefs, losing one’s tooth/teeth meant that there will be a death in the family. *freeked* Now, believing in old beliefs would be irrelevant these days and considering I did a group project once on logic vs superstitions, it would be crazy to believe that interpretation. And of course, there is the known fact that death and destiny are in the hands of God.

But yeah, it freeked me. If however, what my mum said is true, lemme be a weeny bit selfish here and hope that “family” here may refer to relatives as well. *lol* Ah, I pray nothing of that sort happens and that the dream I had, was just a very bad, vivid one.

No, brain. No encore needed. Thank you.

Thank God for toothbrushes and toothpastes.

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By Freek at 10:29 am on Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As we get older, time flies so fast, you only feel the wind as it leaves you. And as I sit here waiting for next period, I’m like, okay, so it’s already the 2nd day of Term 4. The September 1-week break has pretty much left me swallowing my saliva as I didn’t really get to enjoy much of it. My only “big break” was on Tuesday when Dy, Tween-O and I went up to Ayer Hitam. It was the second time T-To got out of Singapore as Dy and I wanted to get some ayat-ayat stuff for our home and since it was practically Spongebob galore over there, I decided to get Patrick for my Spongebob too! Heh.

After that, the rest of the week was spent in school and attending a dance conference which, thankfully, I enjoyed. Friday night was pretty much anticipated as it was to be the Kg Clan dinner date. Been a while since we caught up with each other and of course, there were much reminiscing and poking fun to be done.

For those not in the know, Kg Clan is actually my group of friends back during our late teens in J.C days till now we’re in our mid-20’s. Gosh, sounds old. Anyways, early during our Year 1 (which I would like to stress since I heard some group of people from my batch later decided to give themselves kampung names as well), we were named using really obit kampung names by 2 of our close guy friends. And since the name stuck to us, we called ourselves the Kg Clan soon enough. Nope, we don’t do those triad activities and stuff. We’re pretty much a harmless bunch. Heh.

We had our date at Amirah’s Grill. Initially, it was supposed to be a rendezvous with the moon above our heads, but due to a booking glitch, we had to settle for the first floor seats. But yeah, it was the company and banana milkshake that really mattered.


So, here you are, parts of the Kg Clan. *missing would be Petom & Letchmi or (was it Meenachi?)* (And oh, these are definitely, not our real names… haha..) (To the babes, jangan maraahh hah…)







And, the person who organised the wonderful date, is the lady below…


… who so sweetly set up the table for us putting her very yummy cheese tarts with a gift and our names. *muah* Sayang, Bedah! Wakakak…


Girls, we should do this more often. If not, occasionally would be just fine, too. Love, ya!




And if you’re wondering what my Kampung name is… well, it’s S-E-M-A-H (with the “se” pronounced like “sir” not as “say”   *winks at Dy*).


My wedding ring lost a diamond. *sulks*

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