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By Freek at 12:17 am on Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little update for my darlings out there.

I’m eating better now. Since yesterday. =)

And I should think the LiL’ One’s growing as well considering my mum can see the little bump on me. She says since I lost a lot of weight throughout the whole hyperemesis gravidarum ordeal which shrank me and my waist, that lil bump’s sorta noticeable now.

If for the past few weeks I can manage only one meal a day consisting of 3 spoonfuls of rice (or on horrible days, I go without food at all), I’m now able to eat 3 really tiny meals a day. The past weeks have made me shed around 6kg, which, under normal circumstances would make me real thrilled. 6kgs in a month. Can’t even do that during fasting. But, not getting to eat at all, even my favourite food, is such a bummer. Not forgetting how Lil One was deprived of nourishment. So, in the end, losing 6kg isn’t anything I’m hooraying about. I love food, you know. I miss eating cheese and milk!

I’m no longer vomiting. After days of vomiting at least 5 times a day with or without food/smell, I finally stopped vomiting. For the moment. However, somehow, I do vomit when I try to go out of the house. Like when I went to the doc’s just yesterday. I had been home the whole week before that without any vomiting incidence but when I stepped into T-to, I puked. Came home and puked again. Maybe the baby has motion sickness or something, Dy says. But that’s bad cos’ I’ll have to go back to school on Thursday. And school is a long way from home. Literally, my kids are missing me already. Not to mention my amount of work. Sigh.

One thing which isn’t improving yet though is my constant spitting. Those who came to visit me in hospital would know what I mean. The most important accessory I bring around these days is a plastic bag. I use it to spit into every few seconds. Somehow, I can’t swallow my own saliva cos it makes me nauseous, so I have to spit them out. Which is definitely inconvenient cos it’s so irritating to talk when the saliva accumulates in me mouth. Which worries me since I’ll be back to teaching on Thursday. At home, I use a small pail as a spitoon but if you see me outside with a plastic bag, you know what it’s for. *rolls eyes*

Anyhows, I’m persevering to get well so that I don’t have to bring a plastic bag around for Witt’s wedding. I’m so excited with that. Besides, I wanna go out again. I mean, my staying at home has made Dy stuck at home as well. Poor man. Must be suffocating. But hey, for a ‘kutu jalan’ like me as my mum calls me, it’s been.. sigh. Even worse.

I’m happy though since Lil’ One’s alright. In about 10 days, I’ll be passing the first leg of the whole pregnant journey. Pray for me, yah?

With that said, I’m glad I’m going through this journey again. However painful it may be.

But then again, who says carrying a new life was going to be easy?

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