*Back to school….*

By Freek at 1:51 pm on Thursday, January 3, 2008

Been eating a lot of junk lately. Cheesecake cravings, chocolate, LJS, ice-cream. I don’t even have to mention the amount of soft drinks I’ve been gulping down. I pray I won’t get diabetes or something from the amounts of sugar I’m consuming. Although my reason for drinking soft drink is to combat the weird taste of my excess saliva, I’m not actually sure it’s a good enough reason. Mum’s becoming frustrated with the amount of Coke/Cherryade I’ve been drinking and told me to enjoy it while it lasted. I won’t get no luxury when the pantang time comes.

Honestly, I’m not actually a fan of soft drinks. In fact, I haven’t been ordering soft drinks if we go fast food for some years now. Ah well, things change for different situations I guess.

Anyways, school has begun and I think, it’s gonna be a whole lot tougher than last year. Firstly, although I’m only 4.5 months, my stomach and boobies have got me a whole lot heavier. Haha. So rushing from the 1st floor to the 3rd or 4th floor IS quite a bit of challenge for me legs. Secondly, the younger ones are a bit on the blur side. I speak to them and all they do is gawk at me as if I was speaking Greek. If they don’t sit with mouth agape, they’d be intently talking to/disturbing the person beside them. Of course, it’s only been 2 days of school, so, patience is key. Repeating is the name of the game. I really have to keep my cool since orang tua-tua kata, takut terkenan kat budak kat dalam ni. *lol*

I’m glad though that Dy’s healthy back again. He was down with a fever on New Year and? temperature got higher as night approached so I gave him a cold sponging. As I gave him his medication and put a wet towel on his forehead before he rested, I kept thinking of the Adam Sandler Wedding Singer song. Growing old with you. Heh. It had been so fun nursing him back to health but I pray that he is in the pink of health every day.

Thank yous aren’t necessary, baby.

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