By Freek at 4:36 pm on Monday, January 7, 2008

I’m frigging hungry despite eating the school canteen’s adult-sized servings of Mee Bandung in the morning and Mee Rebus for lunch. But of course, the blame lies on me. Noodles never make me full even before all this, and with the extra little person sharing my meal now, I’m practically hungry again after an hour.

Thank God though 5 o’clock is just around the corner. I can then head down to Outram and hang around and buy food. Which shall it be? Polar, Deli or Prima? Hmmm…

It’s been 19 weeks, and God willing, 5 months will be reached by next Monday. How much things have developed, though, depends on how the check-up/screening this Wednesday turns out. Will update when it’s done. I’m excited but grateful to Him for this opportunity.

7 years. In 23 days time.

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