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By Freek at 1:12 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2008

In a few days, I would have carried the Lil’ One for 5 months already.

If you ask me whether it has started kicking already or not, in fact, it has, though not so strongly. It is, after all, only about 15+cm in size. So, occasionally, I feel it hitting the walls of my tummy as it maybe tries to stretch or move around.

Yesterday, Dy accompanied me to my scheduled screening. It was exciting getting to see it again since my last scan was about 7 weeks ago. It was pretty weird that we were called immediately into the ultrasound room despite warming the seats for only 5 mins and even so, we were early by 10mins of the scheduled appointment.

Nevertheless, when the lady who did the scanning put the trasnsducer on my tummy, I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw the Lil’ One’s spine and all and.. it looked very much human-like now. Previously, all that could be distinguished was the shape of the head from the body and not much else. Yesterday though, I got to see it’s various body parts and organs as the lady showed them to me, and although some of the organs she showed didn’t really look like what I thought it would be, I felt relieved that they were there. Haha. It’s amazing these days how they can show all these things. Ok, maybe I’m like being a little jakun here but hey, it is my first time. And besides, seeing a new life being formed and completed inside of one’s body, is a pretty amazing sight.

The lady was trying to look at the baby’s genitals too but, as I predicted, the baby had some way of covering it up. The lady said that the baby was facing down and it was cross-legged. *LOL* For those who know me too well, you know that it sounds like my favourite sitting position. But then again, Dy sometimes sleeps cross-legged, too! Wakaka..

However, the lady said that it was a high chance that the baby is a ___. Hehe.

And oh.. the doc mentioned my placenta was still low, so, she had a 2 word advice for Dy and me – NO SEX. As much as Dy doesn’t like the idea, he really has no choice since the doc repeated it 3 times. *LOL*

Ok then. I’ll leave you with a souvenir I got from yesterday’s check-up. Figure out for yourself what is what.. heh..


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