*Going smoothly…*

By Freek at 12:47 pm on Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Though the day hasn’t technically ended for me, since I have supplementary lessons to conduct in about an hour’s time, it’s one school day down.

Leaves me with ample time to get down to?business-au-naturale.


Phew. That went smoothly too. Anyways, I got caught in a dilemma yesterday whilst on the way to meet Dy at his workplace. At 5.30+pm, the train was packed, as usual but thankfully, I managed to get a seat near the door from AMK to Raffles City. However, halfway through, a pregnant lady came on-board from the door nearest to me. At that moment, I almost forgot that I, too was in the same position. Almost gave up my seat, until the guy beside me stood up and offered her?his seat. Heh. But if the guy didn’t, I prolly would have given her?mine cos’ she looked like she needed it more than I did. Her tummy was bigger and she looked real tired. Would’ve been bad for her to stand too long.


I’m a-loving Mark & Spencer’s NO VPL panties. Despite them costing like 7-bux even on sale, I got Dy to agree on buying them. Ok, maybe because I can’t fit into my cotton ones anymore. = p But nonetheless, the panties I bought ARE real comfie. I won’t say it feels sexy anymore since, well, cellulites and my bulging bum&bump don’t?actually look sexy. Heh. However, I must say?caressing the bump is a nice feeling and I won’t trade it for anything else in the world – save maybe for it to go away after I get through these 9-monthslah.


8 days to 7.

No itch.

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