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By Freek at 2:08 pm on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last night, after a long day in school, starting at 6.50am till about 9pm, I felt a certain dread?when I felt a sore brewing in my throat.

Despite that, I continued buying Double Choc Frappe from McDees during supper with Dy. I was famished since the dinner provided was horrible – mee rebus which tasted like the gravy was made of diluted satay gravy with lots of flavour gone awry. Besides, I needed the cocoa to perk me up from the long day. So, anyhows, upon reaching home, naturally the sore?throat got worse but we had our shower before hitting the sack. Dy stayed up for a while since he wanted to try his luck waiting for his sister’s O level results. Speaking of which, my sister should be getting hers anytime soon. I pray she makes it though she scared herself saying she got 29 points and eligible only for ITE. Sheesh. Talk about being negative.

When I woke up this morning, my feet felt rather swollen and the sore throat got even worse. Me mum says the swollen feet was because I was getting heavier, but it’s a good thing I wore socks to sleep. Now I only have to learn to wear long pants rather than my nighties/shorts when I go to bed. Yes, I am more accustomed to wearing shorts/skirts/bermudas at home. Never long pants. Anyhow, when I blink, the eyes felt hot,?which is a dastardly feeling.?Together with the sore throat,?it signaled a fever.

I don’t wanna get a fever. The last time I got a fever, was back last June, when I lost my first. So, I wanna go home right now, get meself a cold shower, put on VCD (maybe POTC) as I get some rest. I hope to be in school tomorrow. I’ve interesting things to do with the kids?and besides, there’s spelling. Tsk.

It sucks thinking I’m supposed to curb my cold drink intake to?prevent the sore throat from getting worse. I don’t quite fancy drinking hot drinks. But then again, I?feel like getting soya bean drink from the market nearby me?house. The soya bean drink there’s yummy.

Maybe that’s just what I’ll do.

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