*Of laziness….*

By Freek at 10:22 am on Sunday, January 20, 2008

I’m supposed to be doing my lesson plans or one of those staggering numbers of worksheet/activity booklets I’m assigned/volunteered to do.

But, I’m feeling kinda lazy. Which is contrary to what the Lil’ One is doing. He/she’s been busy rolling around in my tummy. Yeaps, since it IS getting bigger, I’m already feeling more than the brushing of it’s fingers/legs. When I get Dy to place his hands on me tummy to feel, he’s like, “Eh, a’ah dia gerak!” but quickly removes his hand from it. Dy, it’s your baby moving around. It’s not going to burst out like some alien baby! =p

I think by now, I roughly know when he/she relaxing/sleeping – I feel a pushy kinda pain on my left side of the tummy for a period of time (prolly from its head/legs bein rested there) and if it’s no longer relaxing/sleeping, the pain will go away and I’ll feel it whirling around. Very exciting, really. Heh. And after a big, big meal, my tummy can’t stretch enough and feels like it’ll tear at any moment. Felt like that after the meal at Fish&Co with my colleagues on Friday. My goodness, perut macam nak koyak, sak!

Speaking of laziness, so, like yesterday night, Dy & I stayed in, and so I fell asleep way early than I usually do. When I finally woke up, I felt the Lil’ One busy doing it’s rolling around. My body wanted to get out of bed but my brain insisted on staying on it. I guess my brain’s just exhausted from being squeezed to a dry pulp with all that thinking I had to do for class decoration and activity-sheet construction the whole week. I might even go into bimbo-mode for the day if my brain doesn’t wake up soon. I’m glad though that the Lil’ One has a mind of it’s own and is exercising without waiting for me. Mum says I’d have to remain active so that it stays active and somehow, it’ll be easier during delivery.

Anyhows, a friend of mine will be getting married today. I’m feeling a bit awkward on going since it’s been a long time since we kept in touch but since she already sent the invite, it’s kinda bad if I didn’t go, huh? Ah well, we shall see about that.

Maybe a nice, long shower will do the trick.

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*Big boys do cry…*

By Freek at 8:51 am on Friday, January 18, 2008

When you cried, it tugged me hard at the heart.

With your voice which cracked as you recited during our dusk prayer, with your tears which flowed endlessly and with that long, sad gaze you gave to empty space, I felt rather helpless. When you started shaking your legs, like the way you do when you get nervous, crying, probably from the memories of her, I wished I could give you a hug and that shoulder to cry on if there weren’t so many people around.

Cry, big boy. I did when I lost mine. I crept into the corner of her house, rolled up and?poured my eyes out?when mine went away. I won’t say I know how it feels cos’ I think we cry for different reasons and memories when we lose one we love, but what I know, I’m always by your side when you need me.

May her soul be blessed. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNya.


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*Of Bs and Irony….*

By Freek at 2:01 pm on Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I guess the only person who has seen my visibly growing bump so far, is Witt and hubby. So, for my lovelies whom I have not met in a while, don’t giggle when you see this teletubby the next time we meet.. for I think by that time, this picture might already be out-dated. I’m officially 5-months/20-weeks preggie now.

Heh. Yes, I was in a toilet, cam-whoring. Anyhows, that dress used to be so loose I didn’t fancy wearing it. But now, I don’t think I can wear it anymore. Hehe. Good news is, though, I prolly can take back my title of Butt Queen which I was crowned with back during JC days. Tween, I’ll get that title back!

Oh, I shall avoid wearing purple or blue to avoid looking like Barney, Tinky-Winky or Doraemon. Already I have a kid telling me I look like I stuffed a pillow into that area. Kwang assam betul. Haha..

Actually, right now, I am on m.c.


Tsk. Basically, I just couldn’t get my body moving to go to work. My leg was aching. Prolly since it was a cold night coupled with the fan blowing directly from my feet area and I didn’t put the blanket over me. Of course, I had a long day yesterday up & down the stairs and there is also that overwhelming feeling that there’s just so much work to do and although being on m.c doesn’t help alleviate the problem, it does get me the chance to rest. But, yes, after a good rest today, I am very much motivated to go to work again. I wouldn’t want the kids to be left behind in their work.

I’m also quite worried on seeing some of my leg veins getting rather visible. I’ve one small one popping out already. They say it’s common as I get bigger and all and the cure, although kinda ironic to me, is to be moving around more. So, if I wanna avoid getting those varicose veins which my mum got when she was pregnant with my sisters last time (she sometimes got me and my bro to help her massage them down, they were kinda scary popping out like that), I’d have to walk around more even if that would make me more tired. I seriously don’t want to have them growing on my legs.

It’s easy to move around, considering I have classes on the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors of my school, the time-table’s packed and there aren’t lifts around. I just somehow have to pump in more energy into me. Hopefully, more food isn’t the solution for it. Maybe, I shall have to psyche myself and the Lil’ One up the moment I wake up in the morning. It’s a great day ahead, I shall say. And hopefully, I get the drive I need. I only hope people won’t tell me to slow down and not to be going too fast. There’s an irony, too. Some people tell me not to be too active but on contrary, if I’m not active, it’ll affect me and the Lil’ One later on.

Ouh well, I guess I’ll just revert to the bouncy way I was back then. I actually love moving around and stuff. In fact, Dy says I’m the sort who can’t sit still for a few seconds let alone one minute. Just that the extra weight has been bogging me down a little these day. It’s kinda bad for me to be feeling this lethargic so early in the pregn. I mean, It’ll be even bigger later on. I’ve got like 4 long months to go! Have to work on my stamina, I guess. Think happy thoughts, look forward to days after the whole journey. So, maybe I’ll just pretend I’m lugging around a backpack like I used to back in J.C days, and continue doing things the way I used too, even if it means I’d whine to Dy and get him to massage me legs at the end of the day. As long as my Lil’ One doesn’t get lazy in me, heck, I’ll walk as much as I can.

And if I get tired, I’ll just have to remember the reactions of the kids who are so excited about my having the Lil’ One. Heh. For example, the words of my P2 boy, “Cikgu Suhainis, makan makanan yang sihat-sihat ok?” (Cikgu Suhainis, please remember to eat healthy food, ok?)


I can’t wait for my own.

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*Half-way there…*

By Freek at 1:12 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2008

In a few days, I would have carried the Lil’ One for 5 months already.

If you ask me whether it has started kicking already or not, in fact, it has, though not so strongly. It is, after all, only about 15+cm in size. So, occasionally, I feel it hitting the walls of my tummy as it maybe tries to stretch or move around.

Yesterday, Dy accompanied me to my scheduled screening. It was exciting getting to see it again since my last scan was about 7 weeks ago. It was pretty weird that we were called immediately into the ultrasound room despite warming the seats for only 5 mins and even so, we were early by 10mins of the scheduled appointment.

Nevertheless, when the lady who did the scanning put the trasnsducer on my tummy, I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw the Lil’ One’s spine and all and.. it looked very much human-like now. Previously, all that could be distinguished was the shape of the head from the body and not much else. Yesterday though, I got to see it’s various body parts and organs as the lady showed them to me, and although some of the organs she showed didn’t really look like what I thought it would be, I felt relieved that they were there. Haha. It’s amazing these days how they can show all these things. Ok, maybe I’m like being a little jakun here but hey, it is my first time. And besides, seeing a new life being formed and completed inside of one’s body, is a pretty amazing sight.

The lady was trying to look at the baby’s genitals too but, as I predicted, the baby had some way of covering it up. The lady said that the baby was facing down and it was cross-legged. *LOL* For those who know me too well, you know that it sounds like my favourite sitting position. But then again, Dy sometimes sleeps cross-legged, too! Wakaka..

However, the lady said that it was a high chance that the baby is a ___. Hehe.

And oh.. the doc mentioned my placenta was still low, so, she had a 2 word advice for Dy and me – NO SEX. As much as Dy doesn’t like the idea, he really has no choice since the doc repeated it 3 times. *LOL*

Ok then. I’ll leave you with a souvenir I got from yesterday’s check-up. Figure out for yourself what is what.. heh..


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*Why I don’t eat kangkong (no more)…*

By Freek at 2:50 pm on Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Since I am bored and have nothing better to talk about, let me share a bit of something with y’all.

If you’re the type who gets grossed out easily, don’t continue. Or at least, don’t eat while reading this.

Anyways, I love eating stir-fried kangkong with belacan. When we go out to eat at those Restu/Chai Chee Restaurant kinda places, kangkong belacan would always be ordered because to me, it goes damn well with dishes like sweet&sour fish, baby squids and stuff. And, if you wanted me to eat lotsa greens, that’ll be one dish I’d be able to do so without trouble.

But of late, I haven’t been able to do so for fear of it happening again.

Once, after a hearty meal consisting of those I’ve mentioned above, I felt the urge to let go. So, I did. However, halfway, I felt uneasy, as if something was stuck in that part of my anatomy, so my hand went down-under to check it out after I sprayed some water on that area just to clean up a bit.

I was rather shocked when my hand managed to pull out a strand of kangkong. Yes, with it’s withered leaves still attached and all. *lol* It still looked dark green but I reckoned the spots of brown stuff attached to it ain’t the belacan no more. *lol*

So, as much as I love stir-fried kangkong with belacan, I lay my hands off them. I guess my digestive system has been overworked and isn’t that strong anymore or something so it doesn’t bother to chop up the vege into smaller pieces. But then again, Dy says maybe I could have been too much of a glutton for not chewing my food properly and well before swallowing. But hey, kangkong belacan simply slides down the throat pretty easy, man. Tsk.

And by the way, don’t worry.

I wash my hands real clean, ok! =p

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