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By Freek at 7:10 am on Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dy & I got ourselves another new toy?a week ago. A new ACER?pc. Heh.?But with the new layout of our furniture, Baby A will?have space. I’ll be back to using the laptop once Baby A arrives. Stumbling on the LAN wire with Baby A in arms isn’t a very appealing idea. But for now, I’m enjoying the fun of LAN gaming with Dy once again – a hobby we had once?upon a time. This time with a 20″ lcd screen. =D


I felt a sharp pain on my left side?on Saturday?after dinner with Witt and?her Big Ben?at Lau Pa Sat.

Kinda like a very bad stitch after a 2.4km run. Only thing, it felt worse than that. Made it difficult to walk.

Mum said it was probably Baby A shoving and pressing it’s arm on that side of me. Since Baby A is getting bigger, it’s having difficulty finding space to move around.

7 and a half months.

Kicks and pushes are getting stronger. More pain will come and go from now on. Especially with my baby getting so much bigger and more active. But as long as it’s moving inside me, I’ll endure any pain. In fact, I think I’ll miss having a little human kicking me once this is over.

And so the preparation finally?begins.

What do we need? What else do?we need?

We’ll think about that tomorrow, aye, love?*******************************************************************************************?

ooOOOooOOOoooOOooo… with PB out, we have more ka-ching to shop for our baby!


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