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By Freek at 7:22 am on Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr Dec.’s reply on my previous post left me thinking.

Am I really mentally prepared for this?

Being almost 31 weeks now, (and if we follow what we learn in school that pregnancy goes on for 36 weeks or 9 months,?which then means?I’m left with 5, but thank God there SHOULD be extra days unless Baby A wants to meet the world earlier), it’s kinda nerve-wrecking.

I mean, I am still very much dependant on my mum for breakfast. If I wake up early, she wakes up earlier and would either be in the market or breakfast is already served. Like these days, Dy and I get out of the house around 6 right after our Subuh prayers since he has started teaching and that means we have to rush from Bedok-AMK-Ubi for him to be in time for flag-raising. My mum would already have packed our food for us though. Waking up at 5.30am leaves us with just enought time to get ready though sometimes makes me cranky and sleep in the car.

But I’m really amazed with mothers. They can wake up so early and ready everything for us. And then we come home, there’s food for us. And it’s a different menu everytime. How do mothers do it?

Am I really ready for that?

My colleague who gave birth last November, said that once baby is born, somehow, our bio-clock automatically tunes in to the new way of life. I certainly hope I’ll be able to be as resilient. If there’s?one thing I can’t fight, it will be Mr Sleep. But yeah, I’m resolute. I must and I will. I guess that’s also why my first pregnancy didn’t work out. Maybe God knows I wasn’t ready at that time. Masih besarkan buat?taik mata.

And?with this second chance given and, God-willing, everything works out well, it would be ungrateful of me not to fulfill this new duty properly, aye?

It’s time.?


And dear friends, I miss you all LOTS.


More shopping on the way!


(Note: My first Baby is never neglected. I still shop for him too. Right, Dy? =p )

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