*What the gynae said today…*

By Freek at 8:52 pm on Monday, May 5, 2008

Ah, everything fine so far? Any pain?

Nah, just the usual.?

Ok, good. So you’re now in your 36th week. You’ll be 37 in about 2 days time. After that you can go into labour anytime.

Er.. oh, ok… (in my head, I was thinking how I could have miscalculated since I always counted Sundays as the start of a new week. So I really thought I just turned 36 weeks)

Yah, ok come, I’ll check your tummy and also scan you.

(We walked to the examination bed and once I exposed my tummy…)

Wow! It’s getting pretty big, yah? Hmm, previously it was only 2.2kgs. Come let me do a scan. Here’s the baby’s head. And this is the round area for me to measure the baby’s size.

(So she measures my baby’s size and as she does that, I noticed that the EDD had changed. It was supposed to be 30th May but, on the screen now showed 23rd May. *gulps*)

The baby is now about 3.1kgs! I’m quite worried about the size. If the baby grows any bigger, we might have to induce or else it will be very difficult for you and the baby. I’ll check your pintu rahim(cervix) on the next visit. (ponders for a while) Hmm.. I tell you what. Why don’t I check your pintu rahim now? Just to make sure.

(By this time, I was kinda speechless. Firstly, my baby has jumped from 2.2kgs to 3.1kgs in the span of 3 weeks. Which, according to her, can make it difficult for normal delivery if the baby continues to grow till the first EDD. Secondly, checking my pintu rahim means her shoving her hand into that space down under. Not nice. =( )

Ok, your pintu rahim hasn’t opened yet. I’ll see you again in?a week’s time and I’ll check it again by then. But from now, should your waterbag bursts, you know, like there’s a continous flow of water that you cannot control, or there is bleeding,?you can slowly make your way down here. Ok? So I see you again in 1-week’s time, yah?


And so, that’s how it went. Bits & pieces of itlah.

Very, very scary if you ask me.

Everything seems SO real now.

?So… so… real.

But a comfort for me, the baby is in a good position and Insya-Allah, a normal delivery it?may be.

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