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By Freek at 1:21 am on Saturday, November 29, 2008

Feeling quite upset from the thought that my SD card might be lost. Sigh. Pics of my growing baby’s in it. Yes, growing. My 8.67kg of pure baby. Yes she’s now twice the weight she was when she was born.

But anyhows, turning 26 had been quite a bumpy ride. It hadn’t exactly turned out good, but I’m grateful that things had been resolved and I’m surrounded by my loved ones. Oh, and my siblings gave me a PSP. Kinda ironic for me. I’m waiting for my BIG birthday prezzie in December though.

Aaliya just turned 6 months old. It’s just so surreal. My baby was just a not-so-tiny newborn a 6 months ago, and now she’s 6 months to being a year old. She’s growing up too fast!! Sigh. But I’m excited with her development nonetheless. She’s able to eat a full bowl of her instant cereal 2 times a day?now. Previously when we first started out, she’d?squirt out half of what is fed and she?didn’t have the patience to sit and be fed and I had to end up transferring to bottle. Now though, when she sees her green bowl given by Auntie Limah a few months ago, she getw excited and goes, “Mmm.. mm…” Hehe.. This happened on the first day she finished a whole bowl.

Alhamdullilah, she’s gotten the hang of it and no more mess. Only when she drinks from her cup. Yes. Her sippy cup. As for hair, her hair’s growing slowly but surely.

And yeah, I couldn’t resist getting these Ipanemas…

My broken sandal straps was the?perfect excuse to buy them. Oklah, there was no good excuse to buy Aaliya’s pair but, cute mah. Aight, off to bed. Hope my SD cards in school. Tsk.

Oh, remember my DnD??? =)

?(A Kill Bill-ish Jap assasin, 1/3 of Charlie’s Angels, A ‘Black Widow’ and Bride of Darth Vader…*lol*)

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