*9-month old…*

By Freek at 6:02 pm on Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aaliya has been very entertaining these past few weeks. She has started clapping and moving her head when she hears music she likes or perks up when she sees her favourite characters on TV.

Last Saturday was her 9-month assessment. She’s nearly 11kg but she didn’t put on any weight during her 8th-month. She’s still bottom heavy like her mum, the Butt-Queen, and so she’s turning out to be quite a Butt Princess, in a good way, of course! Sexay. But being heavy means she hasn’t started to crawl yet, let alone walk. But if you think she has weak legs, boy, that’s wrong. This girl kicks ass. Hehe..

She imitates well, too. Anyhows, here are some vids of her.

Going on the Bob the Builder Ride

The caution note on the ride says “Not Allowed for children under 2 years” or something. But, hey!

The effects of Dora & Elmo

Take note how she perks up when she hears the Dora song. *lol* Oh, we have Dora & Elmo in LOOP mode here at home cos’ she makes noise when I close the browser or turn the DVD player off. =p

What can I say? She has my chunky thighs. Hahah.

Alritey, peeps.

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