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By Freek at 9:50 pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thought I’d just share this.




Time does go by VERY fast.? This not so lil’ anymore baby of mine will turn 10 months in?3 more days. And then it’ll be 2 more months to her first birthday. RSVP me, yah, if you guys interested to come. Will send the details to you.

And I’m a-liking the new shop for kids in TM. Has really princessy headbands and stuff. Cuteness. Pinkness.


Believe it or not, despite all the hype about Twi/light, I have watched it only NOW? I mean, Dy & I usually just wait to download movies rather than hop down to the movies, so when Twil/light finally was downloadable, download we did. Pardon me for being so back-dated, yeah?

So, NOW, I understand all the hype and swoonings of some of the bloggers I’ve read. For me, the?Ed guy’s?younger than my younger bro, so, I’d stop at just saying how great his eyes are, which, Dy agrees too. But, from the time I watched it yesterday night, up till now (yes, even while I was teaching), 1?line from the movie kept replaying in my head along with how heartfelt it was said.

Just 1 line, that made me feel really… woah. And I’m not really into the whole love-love movie?thing.

“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

I think that sentence’ll stay in my head for a while.

If I was younger, I’d prolly go gaga over this guy by now.

But, nah, I’ll stick to my older men. Dy, GB, DJ and some I can’t really remember right now since I’ve still got that frigging?line in my head.

“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”


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