*I need a break… f**k*

By Freek at 9:23 pm on Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just finished watching the latest episode of Supernatural. Season 4, Ep 17. Took me a long time to download the thing since I don’t really know how to use the software. But my efforts paid off. Heh. Great stress-reliever.

Anyhows, I suddenly feel such a heavy burden hovering above me. I don’t know. Suddenly, everything’s piling down on me. Finances has a permanent spot there, and I usually manage so I don’t really understand why it is?suddenly lurking a nasty side today. Then there’s the paper work. There’s the struggle to meet expectations or to go beyond it. And then there’s all the stupid crap of a talk some people decide to create – like how heavy my lil’ girl is and?how come she’s not crawling yet let alone walk.

Come on, man. Give us a break. Look at Dy. Look at me. Don’t ya think she’s the correct size for the parents? Don’t make me instigate my lil’ girl to give you the tight slap she’s capable of giving. Seriously, don’t f*cking tell me to let her eat less. I won’t starve my child so that she’ll lose weight. She’s a growing baby and she needs the amount of nutrients she gets from her rice, veg and meat. She’s drinking milk only 3 frigging times a day and eating 2?servings of?porridge?a day. And even if she does it, sometimes she doesn’t even finish it and would rather play or sleep. It’s not like I feed her chocs and ice-cream and stuff. So before you flap your lips about how I feed my child, get your facts right.

Look. Sure, your children are in the somewhat SMALL or of ACCEPTABLE shape and size that you guys want them to be. What’s wrong with being different? This is the problem. This is how children grow up with such low self-esteem. They are already compared to as babies. Like, what fuck?

Sometimes, when I look at how Aaliya perseveres to do new things or push her trolley along like a Frankenstein learning to walk, I feel sad for her. I feel sad that as she grows, there will bound to be people who can’t shut the fuck up. Who would rather pick on the small little negatives and ignore the many big positive things she do. Who would rather make a fuss of the minor things that they see than praise her for what she is really capable of.

But to them, I say, fuck you. Really. Fuck off.

Hmm… my blood go upstairs already.?I guess I’ll just have to watch another episode of Supernatural now.

Need. sleep. too.

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