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By Freek at 9:25 pm on Monday, May 25, 2009

It took me a young adult novel to spark it off again.

My love of reading.

One of the passions which I have put off since like, 10 over years ago.

If all books were this beautiful, I reckon I’ll spend lesser time online. Most of my end-teens-early-20s years were spent on the Net. Chatting and games.

About time I got back to dear old Mr Book and friends. 2 parts of the saga completed in just a weekend. A feat for me considering they’re 600+ pages each. Halfway though number 3. Can’t wait for number 4.

Currently, am in love with Ed & Jake.

Dean is still in mind though.

But D is still the love of my life.

Life’s beautiful. For me, at least.

P/s: To Dy, buy for me, please?

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