*Aaliya swimming…*

By Freek at 7:41 pm on Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yesterday, I was ‘feeling-feeling’ Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai so I came to school wearing a Punjabi suit complete with bangles and long scarf. Hehe. Pst. As you can see, anak murid aku masuk ajar semuanya. At least this year’s ah.

“Wah, Suhainis, you look like a bride today!”

“No, I just look bright.” *lol*

Anyways, those kids are my P1 batch this year. Quiet bunch, but they LOVE singing. Nice peeps. And speaking of kids, here’s my one and only. For now. For a while. *lol* And oh, all pics taken with my new W995. Hehe. Think I’m a-liking this phone. Will get my Blackberry end of year though. =p


And as per the title… I love bringing her swimming. Just look at this.

Biasa. Macam ayah dia.

Kata Anak KATAK. =p

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