*Life thus far in a flash…*

By Freek at 11:55 am on Sunday, January 17, 2010
  • Finally got my wedding ring resized and one of the missing diamonds replaced. Cost me 100bux. The ring looks new now. Am in love with it all over again.
  • I really have no more time for Facebook games these days. Sigh. But must make it a point to practice on the Guitar Hero when I get back after school. My fingers are getting stiff!
  • Things in school are starting to settle. I’m a bit uneasy about my marking load though. 5 levels of CME means about 130 odd CME books to mark a week aside from my 50 essays and workbooks, exercise books and worksheets to be marked. Hopefully, I get a bit of leeway for that CME marking part.
  • 1 more week till Baby A2 reaches 5months.?Will be meeting the gynae next Monday for 5th month screening. Hurrah!
  • Found?the Guess bag Dy and I saw back during KL trip, in Isetan Tamp. Damn! Naturally, he didn’t let me buy since he already stipulated “No more bags for 4 years” when I bought the Burberry wallet. Bleargh!
  • Tween-O bought some cute stuff from Korea for Aaliya. Thanks!!
  • Can’t wait for quick JB trip this coming Sat.
  • We finally watched Avatar 3D! *lol* Maybe one of the last few people to go, but the cinema was still full house when we went. The show was really good. I guess 4 years of making with almost 1/2 a billion spent, was worth it.
  • Some pupils are already asking me about my bump. “Cikgu, are you pregnant?” “Nolah, I just happen to have swallowed a balloon.”
  • Had a surprise when a simple matter got blown out of proportion. Really pissed (and is still) pissing me off. Sometimes, people just don’t like how I rationalise things, eventhough they know how true it is.
  • I have to make a distinction between my normal voice and teacherly voice. Apparently, I don’t realise I use the teacherly voice outside of class. Some people don’t like it. My apologies, I shall try to?remember to switch to the right voice mode when conversing outside the classroom.
  • This is Aaliya’s new pendant:


And on that note, till we meet again, peepz.

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*At 17 weeks…*

By Freek at 10:38 pm on Monday, January 4, 2010

A visit to the gynae always relieves my anxiety on how the lil’ one is doing. Contrary to what my colleagues were commenting, I DID gain weight. I was puzzled why they said otherwise although I myeself KNOW & FEEL that I’ve gained.

But more importantly, Baby A2’s doing well for the moment. At 11cm now, he/she is growing just right for his/her number of weeks.


And it is true that second time mothers?get to feel the baby’s movement faster? than in the first. I can feel him/her bump lightly agaisnt my tummy every now and then as he/she floats in there. Anyways, as gynae moved around for a better look, Baby A2’s left hand was up by the cheek area.


And moving in closer, the full front of him/her. It made me really excited to see him/her. Dy was there, too. And Kakak Aaliya as well. Heh.


As for gender, I’m hoping to see that by the end of the month for my 5th month screening. Whatever the gender is, doesn’t matter to me at all. I’m just excited to know.

Won’t be revealed though. Heh.

But mostly for me, I’m more excited to know that his/her development is going on fine.

Aight, gotta catch early rest for work tomorrow.


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*My indulgence and the 2 trips….*

By Freek at 1:35 pm on Saturday, January 2, 2010

Before I embark on sharing the pics for our trip to K.L@M’sia and Belakang Padang@Batam, here’s what I decided to treat myself with.

My last few pieces of indulgence for 2009, besides the Wii + World Tour set + games and the holiday trips.

As most people know, I have never been a shoe or bag girl like most girls are. So, this really was a treat to myself. I must say, I was really at a lost on what to buy since I’ve never bought any branded bags or anything branded, for that matter,? though I’ve bought for my mothers.

I’ve NEVER bought any bag that costed more than 40bux for myself! Except for that Nike bag which costed me $70+ back in J.C.

I actually loved a particular bag chosen by Dy when we were at Guess@Mid-Valley, but only the display set was left, so I didn’t get it.

We decided to postpone our buy till we reached Singapore.

And, so it was the first time Dy & I went to Takashimaya & Paragon to shop for anything.



Heh. Now, to wait another 4 more years! *lol*

And as for the pictures for the trips, I’ve put them on my multiply cos’ it’ll be a bit too many to put in this space. Click here.

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*All smiles…*

By Freek at 8:22 pm on Friday, December 18, 2009

Despite the fact that I have just 1 and a half?weeks left of the holidays, and for a fact that I have NOT started doing?ANY of the resources I had been meaning to do,?I’m still contented and happy. Mostly, I’m thankful to Him for all the blessings.

This year, can be said to be an anticipated year for those who graduated NIE about 4.5 years ago. This year, it’s our turn for the big IT. And I’m more thankful than ever cos’ firstly, this leaves me with a bit for when Baby A2 comes. For people who earn as little as I do, this windfall, though not unexpected save for the amount, is much appreciated. People may be planning for a holiday, shopping spree, a spa?and all, but for me, my only thought of where all of it would go, is for arrival of our little family’s new member in June 2010.

BUT, having said that, doesn’t mean I cannot treat MYSELF, too, right? May sound contradicting in a way, but hey, I’ve been sensible as Chief of Finance in this household, time for me to use a weeny bit of the extra reserves for myself, since, I’d earn it, too!

I’ve never been a shoes or bags girl, but a few years back, I’ve told Dy that I would like to get a decent handbag or purse if ever I have extra moolah. Putting priorities ahead of everything else, I never got around to it.

So, NOW is prolly the time for it. Thank God he didn’t object to it. I guess he thinks I deserve it, too.

I can use the amount I allocated for just a purse, or split it half-and-half for a purse and a handbag.

*lol* A dilemma I’m not used to having and prolly will never have for at least 4 more years to come.

And with that, KL and Batam, here I come. Please pray for our safe journey, yeah?

Cya, peepz!

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*Feeling blessed (Part Deux)…*

By Freek at 12:03 am on Sunday, December 13, 2009

I don’t know whether it’s too early or something, but I think I felt my baby a few times already. I do remember the feeling of flutterings I had with Aaliya and it feels the same. They say it could be gas, but I would know gas. Gas hasn’t been pleasant for me. The one’s I feel from time to time, are pleasant ones. I’d like to believe it is him/her moving. And I think I’ll do just that.

My tummy is ALREADY showing, though. And I can’t believe I’ve to take out my maternity clothings from storage so soon. *lol*

But I’m glad for this blessing, nonetheless. I’m eating again and there’s no more need to hold a cup everywhere just to spit. Can’t wait for January to SEE my baby again.


Praise be to Him too for the blessings in our pockets that He has given to my small little family this December. Can never thank Him enough. What more since most of the big, big payments come around this time of the year like all kinds of taxes, and a little pampering for the car.
And with another member, God willing, joining us mid next year, it is great to have a bit more to save for all the bills and preparations for his/her arrivals. All in all, it is His blessings and I, being the Finance Minister of the family, intend to use it well.

Thanks to my darling Witt for her gift card, I bought meself a pair of Crocs! I decided to get one being preggy and all and the soles of my Ipanemas are a bit worn out now. I’m not really big on spending on myself. I usually like buying things with Dy and Aaliya in mind.

Bought Dy a pair of sandals. I’d wanted him to get a pair of Crocs but he was reluctant seeing the price and all. And also the Wii Mario 4-player game he’d been eyeing for a while now.

For Aaliya, I’ve never been stingy about buying things for her. I’m not really the kind who shop a lot or shop for expensive stuff cos’ Dy & I believe in buying things within our means. And even if I shop online, it’ll be once in a blue moon kinda thing. But, alhamdullilah, given the means this December, I did get a few things for my little 18-month old princess.

Bought these 2 dresses and the tutu skirt online. I just liked looking at the tutu skirts. I admit Aaliya doesn’t really have the ballerina physique. Tapi, she has a sexy butt… so, I know she’ll look cute in one! *lol*? The other stuff – shoes and swimming suit-, I got them from dear old TM & CS je. Heh… I did wanna get a pair of Crocs for Aaliya, but since her feet grows quite fast, which meant it’ll soon be outgrown, I got her the Jibbitz one instead.




And I’m guessing, next December, if all goes well, I’d be shopping for 3 (me not included)!




My heart goes out to that someone who lost her baby @ about 5months of pregnancy.

It’s a scary news to the ears of a pregnant woman like me, but all I can do now is have faith in Him and pray. I need yours, too.

Aight, off to sleep I go. Adios!

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