By Freek at 11:26 pm on Friday, December 4, 2009

Caught New Moon on Thursday. Went for the earliest slot @ 1030am to avoid the crowd since I was afraid it’ll make me nauseous. It was quite frustrating though to see so many teens already present at the time. I don’t particularly enjoy the way some teens behave in the cinemas, like commentating as the show went on. Or how they hover around to find their seats when they come in late, obstructing other people’s view and all.

But thank God, the theatre was as it should be. And I enjoyed my movie and I was pleased that Dy did not sleep and in fact, got into the show so much, that he hated Bella at the end of it, calling her all sorts of names I shall not reveal here. I, of course, was feeling the way I was after reading New Moon. Sad for Jake. And that guy played Jake so well, I actually wanted to cry~ *lol* Oh well, can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again.

As I type this, I’m actually glad that my appetite has started to pick up. I managed 3 small meals today when I could only manage?2 very small portions for 2 months. I don’t feel as nauseous and I could do some?housework today. Have to remind myself not to carry Aaliya too much though cos’ I’m already feeling the strain on my back and sometimes my tummy.

And oh, lemme introduce y’all to our current hobby cum indulgence. Ok, indulgence more for me since some things were bought ‘impulsively’?due to my wanting them. It may?sound like we’re?kinda outdated for most people but we’ve?had?to save?up a long time for these. We had?a lot of other?priorities to put in front?before finally splurging. To each, his own, yeah? And good thing my bro chipped in as well.


Typically, the?console came with this:


And I don’t think it’ll be long before I buy the other Sports expansion as well. First time I tried the boxing game, my tummy ached, so, I wasn’t allowed to play that anymore for now. Next, we also got….


Thanks to Suhaila and Noh, we were hooked on the game so we decided to get the set as well. My younger sis was delighted since she’s a music kinda person, and though I suck at coordination, it does provide much needed entertainment.

And lastly, this being my indulgence, I persuaded Dy to get a Resident Evil game. Dy was actually aiming for the Mario game but, somehow, I just felt like playing a shooting kinda game. Again, I really suck at shooting games but I was compelled to play nonetheless. Persuaded Dy to buy the Shot Blaster as well, to feeling-feeling as if I was really using a gun lah… *lol* As for Mario, we’d prolly get it soon enough as well…? =D



Obviously, the game has a lot of moments which shocked me, but it’s rather fun. I would never get Silent Hill though. Had the game on PSP and it freaked me so bad I almost threw the game on the ground.

So, if you feel like?pulling a trigger?at someone’s head?, come over to our place and we can shoot the hell out of some zombies.

Witt, Limah, kalau nak main bowling, aku leh bawak and we can congregate rumah Witt. Kita bowling dalam rumah je sudah.

Aight, time to rest the back and eyes. Thanks for the prayers people. Continue with it, yeah? Heheh… sorrie.. thanks!

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*Belated things….*

By Freek at 2:17 pm on Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks to my lack of energy due to lack of appetite due to my vomitting and all, I couldn’t really sit too long in front of the PC to update my blog as it makes me woozy. It’s suffocating sometimes having to lock myself up in the room when a neighbour cooks with garlic/onions and my mum hasn’t really cooked in the house because of my complaints as well. She’d cook way at night or early in the morning when I’m sleeping.

But I?am definitely glad that Baby A2 is growing well despite of how little I’ve eaten. From the last scan at 8 weeks where he/she was 2cm, he/she has almost tripled in length to almost 6cm and heartbeat’s doing well, too. Which is a definitely a relief for me. And the lil’ being ‘jumped’ a few times to my delight.

So, for visual comparison sake’s, this is Aaliya’s scan @ 12 weeks.


And this is Baby A2’s scan @ 12 weeks as at Monday.


Alhamdullilah. Pray for he/she, yeah?

So, as a result of my morning/noon/night sickness and all, I spent my 27th birthday at home, specifically, inside my room, again, the last being in 2007 when I was pregnant with Princess Aaliya.

But, nonetheless, Dy gave me a surprise on the day by presenting me these…

Ok, this one wasn’t given by him. This one’s given by the baker of the birthday cake he surprised me with. Yoda is definitely my favourite Star Wars guy.


This is the birthday cake, which I didn’t really get to try for fear of throwing back out. But from what I hear, which I don’t really need to cos’ I know it’s obvious, the cake tastes yummay! Sigh… kesian aku…


It’s made out to be one of the Twilight series thick books just like this one…


And no, he didn’t give me the book for my birthday. I got it as an anniversary present back in June. The whole Twilight saga, boxset hardcover. I put the whole thing on my workstation in school. Brought back New Moon to re-re-re-read for the upcoming movie. Heh. And since my thumbdrive was destroyed by yours truly, he bought for me this(below) as well. A 2GB one to replace my 2GB one.


But the one I’m most surprised was this one. As much as he hates me ogling at the Twilight guys, he still bought it for me. Though there’s no Jake in there anywhere, it’s alright. This will prolly be pasted on my workstation somewhere after I get it laminated.


Yesh, I’m a happy 27 year old. The thought he put in for this surprise, is priceless. And since tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and it’s the official opening of New Moon in Singapore, he?sweetly asked whether I wanted to go and watch it with him, despite his vehement objection of watching it. That means a lot to me. But since I’m also still not really up to being in a crowd, we’ll prolly be catching the earliest timing to avoid it.

Aight, before I end, my heart goes out to a cousin of mine who just lost her first?baby after 11 weeks of pregnancy. The baby was supposed to be due around the same time as Baby A2.? Since I’ve gone through exactly the same thing back in 2007, I know exactly how it feels. But, whatever happens, happens for a reason and definitely makes us stronger.

With that, please pray for Baby A2 and I again, yeah?

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By Freek at 9:01 pm on Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I know I’ve been rather elusive about things of late. But it’s all for good. I mean, for someone like me, who has encountered THAT?bad experience before, I’m more susceptible to being both positive as well as negative. As much as I wanna be positive about it, being negative might just help me cope in case history repeats itself.

Actually, Dy & I didn’t really expect this. It came to me as a surprise since I really didn’t expect it at all. But God works in mysterious ways and despite my disbelief in this new development actually happening, I felt rather blessed.

Though it may be a bit too soon, I’d still like to say Alhamdullilah that so far, things have gone well as it should. I’m experiencing the same things I did previously, like the nausea, the vomitting and even the acute sense of smell which makes me hate all things overwhelmingly nice-smelling and smelly. My appetite is slightly better than before which means that, the hyperemesis gravidarum and the whole warded-into-hospital-twice episodes prolly won’t hit me, unless it decides to hit me later.

But, yeah, though I envy my colleague who, incidentally is in the same boat as I am minus those things I mentioned above.. in fact,?hers will be?just ONE day?AFTER mine?, I thank God for this blessing. My boat will prolly rock harder in this initial stage, but He’ll make sure that the ride will be smooth sailing after all that if He wills it so. And all I gotta do, is place my faith in Him.

Pray for me and the new one, who I shall?refer from now on, as Baby A2. (Aaliya used to be Baby A, remember? heheh…)

And here they are, my (Insyallah) TWO little wonders @ their 8th weeks scan.

Syaimah Aaliyasyaimahaaliya

?Baby A2babya2-8wks

?And in case you have trouble deciphering what is what, in Aaliya’s scan, I THINK she has her back facing us, thus she just looks like a spot of white thingy. If you see her 7th week scan, it’s even more undecipherable. But one thing’s for sure, her head is on the right side.

Anyhows, as for Baby A2, he/she is facing towards Aaliya’s newborn pic (North-East). Pretty much looks like this.?See that round thing which looks like a singh-turban? Gynae said it’s something like the nutrients pumping into him/her. I believe the eye socket is that black dot looking at Aaliya’s newborn pic. And if you kinda see it like Baby A2 is posing with both hands at the back of his/her very tiny head, then you are not alone. Most of those I showed, thought that was it. *lol*

Pray for us, yah?


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*His 29th….*

By Freek at 12:17 pm on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It’s been ages since I’ve been here. I won’t be surprised if this entry isn’t read. Heh. People might have forgotten this space ever existed.

Yesterday was Dy’s 29th birthday. I gotta admit, I didn’t do much for him. Previous years, I’d stay up to sing him a song or have a cake ready to surprise him. But this year, with what I’m trying to cope with and ride out, I’m glad he’s understanding and helpful about it. What not, I slept at 9 odd on the eve of his birthday, leaving Tween-O to wish him at the strike of midnight. *lol* But then again, he’s the cause of what I’m going through anyway. He’ll just have to bear with it as much as I have to.

Anyhows, I made up for it by following him all around Orchard to get his hands on a HTC Hero. I must admit, I had a bit of cramping after that. But after much deliberation, we decided to get the phone next year instead, the same time I’d prolly get a Blackberry for myself. Don’t ask me why a Blackberry. I just feel attracted to it.

Speaking of phones, as known, I have the kinda-new SE W995 which has that 8.1megapix camera and all. I love it, though I haven’t got the time to input songs into the 8gb storage, nor tried out the camera functions fully. In fact, I haven’t taken a decent photo with it at all. Which is a shame, really. So, I’m wondering if I’m going to handle the new toy Dy & I decided to get on his birthday yesterday.


Actually, I’ve been wanting a DSLR cam for a few weeks now. Cos’ I’d been wanting to kinda do a photoshoot for Aaliya at Botanic Garden or something. But I’ve been rather apprehensive about getting one for, ONE, the price and TWO, the handling. But since my 1st sis was interested in it as well and wanted to chip in, we finally decided to give it a go.

So, yeaps, if all goes well, our first project with it, might just be a trip to the zoo this weeked. Hehe.

Oh, for the love of GOD, what in the world is that stench??!!

And who the *fish* is cooking up that gawd-awful smell?


Pardon me.

I need to puke.


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By Freek at 1:17 am on Sunday, September 20, 2009

After watching THIS, I CANNOT WAIT to watch the movie!


And oh, Taylor with the crew-cut and wet hair is HAWT!

Gosh, I feel like a teen. *lol*

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