By Freek at 9:08 pm on Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life in school this week.

– realized that some of my brighter P1s are picking up on my sarcasm.

– stressed with CA2 coming up next week

– doing props for P1 performance next Friday night and Malay Competition-cum-Concert on Tuesday. Just my luck that we don’t have any more days left to practice. Sigh. But being me, I’m confident of my kids, cos’ with what we have going, the kids don’t like disappointing themselves, their classmates and me.

– P/s/l/e invigilation – got lost

Aight, here’s something interesting thing to share. Don’t know whether I had the same fear when I was a kid, but this is what the kid feels when he went to watch “Cars” with his family at a neighbourhood cinema.

Saya duduk dekat sama keluarga saya kerana saya takut orang culik atau curi saya dan membawa saya ke Arab atau Pakistan.

And if you missed “Wild Wild West” aired last Sunday, don’t fret. Here’s a synopsis for you done by one of my kids who attempted to tell me about his favourite movie.

Saya suka tengok cerita “Wild Wild West”. Ia pasal Princess Sally punya suami hilang dan tidak tahu mana dia. Akhirnya, Tarantula mati dan suami Princess Sally pun hidup dan selamat kerana Tarantula mati kesakitan. Itulah cerita pasal “Wild Wild West”.

Amacam? Best tak cerita WWW tu?

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