By Freek at 4:31 pm on Monday, January 15, 2007

No.. not to food.. as yet.

Just to tycoons.

And no, not some rich millionaire out there either. I’m addicted to games with a ‘tycoon’ at the back of it. Haha.

When I first used the PC, I thought CD-roms would ruin my PC since the first CD I installed wasn’t a pleasant one for me. But weirdly, I didn’t have any qualms about installing iRc. *lol* Anyways, when I finally started out with PC games, I started with Zoo Ty-coon. Yes, I got myself addicted and still play it to this very day. I then played those strategy games and loved Age-og-Mythology and War-Craft.

And then I ventured into RPGs. And found, I only liked Battle-field and Star-Wars. As for Star-Wars, I didn’t need a reason to buy it considering I absolutely dig Star-Wars movies anyways. Counter-strike and Un-real and Ha-lo for me were too… dizzying.

After that, I met The-Sims. I got hooked, played sometimes from morning till night or night till morning. Went on to Sims 2 and needless to say, endless playing.(until I got married, that is. Haha.)

And, yesh, Dy is also hooked and recently, we got ourselves.. Roller-coaster Ty-coon, Cinema-Tycoon and Prison-Ty-Coon. I also bought Di-nerDash.

As I think about it, maybe it’s the thrill of running other people’s life and dictating their every moves that got me addicted. Sorta like what I do in school but yeah, unlike children who control their own movements, I’m the master when playing these games. Haha. Sound like a loser. But no, I mean, it does relieve a lot of stress.

Hmm.. believe it or not, as soon as the bell rung today, I was thinking about rushing home and playing one of the Ty-coons. But, yeah, thank God for self-control.

Gosh. I’m late. Aight, off to home now. Byez!

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Comment by Suhaila

January 15, 2007 @ 7:04 pm

I wish I can go home at 4.30 too… 🙁

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Comment by ain

January 16, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

kak..glad to knw we both love diner dash..yeay..
and i do hope i can borrow sims2 frm u soon..

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Comment by widz

January 17, 2007 @ 8:26 pm

Heh, I am still playing Sims too now after so long ya noe! Kinda destress me after work seh. AND I am also a fan of dinerdash!!! But i don’t have the full game version yet.
I really love strategy games like this! Hehe

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