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By Freek at 8:22 pm on Friday, December 18, 2009

Despite the fact that I have just 1 and a half?weeks left of the holidays, and for a fact that I have NOT started doing?ANY of the resources I had been meaning to do,?I’m still contented and happy. Mostly, I’m thankful to Him for all the blessings.

This year, can be said to be an anticipated year for those who graduated NIE about 4.5 years ago. This year, it’s our turn for the big IT. And I’m more thankful than ever cos’ firstly, this leaves me with a bit for when Baby A2 comes. For people who earn as little as I do, this windfall, though not unexpected save for the amount, is much appreciated. People may be planning for a holiday, shopping spree, a spa?and all, but for me, my only thought of where all of it would go, is for arrival of our little family’s new member in June 2010.

BUT, having said that, doesn’t mean I cannot treat MYSELF, too, right? May sound contradicting in a way, but hey, I’ve been sensible as Chief of Finance in this household, time for me to use a weeny bit of the extra reserves for myself, since, I’d earn it, too!

I’ve never been a shoes or bags girl, but a few years back, I’ve told Dy that I would like to get a decent handbag or purse if ever I have extra moolah. Putting priorities ahead of everything else, I never got around to it.

So, NOW is prolly the time for it. Thank God he didn’t object to it. I guess he thinks I deserve it, too.

I can use the amount I allocated for just a purse, or split it half-and-half for a purse and a handbag.

*lol* A dilemma I’m not used to having and prolly will never have for at least 4 more years to come.

And with that, KL and Batam, here I come. Please pray for our safe journey, yeah?

Cya, peepz!

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