By Freek at 10:56 pm on Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks for the words of comfort with regards to my previous entry.

My sincerest apologies to?you guys for?my rather sordid previous entry.

It’s just prolly my prelude to the “mo-flo”, though?(what G. Ong suggested “monthly flow” be called rather than PMS and stuff). Nasty time of the month. Makes me do and say terrible things sometimes.

I promise, henceforth, I shall refrain from the use of? profanities, bearing in mind I have some young readers who pop by once in a blue moon.

It will be difficult, but I’ll try.

It was just an avenue for me to vent out some pent-up steam so that my Monday wouldn’t kick off with all the bad karma. Though I’m still pissed about it, lugging it around like excess baggage, I’m feeling a weeny bit better than before I did. So, yeah, it took me a lot of swearing and cursing but it lifted a bit of the load strapped on my mind. I’m a sinner. Everybody is. But I pray to God for forgiveness and that He shows them that other people have feelings and can get offended.

I wish I could be like Dy sometimes. Take it in one ear and out the other. But, to my misfortune, I’m sometimes head-strong and kinda blunt about things that I take a disliking to.?I don’t really believe in smiling through my teeth if I get offended. Rather, I have a face that perfectly reflects how I feel inside. And if you’re being obnoxious, you can bet I’ll give you a disgusted look. That is if you’re lucky. If you aren’t, get ready to shed blood in the battle of words with me.

Really, I’m actually, a dormant volcano. I’m most of the time calm, and cheerful and happy-go-lucky. I live by fun and humour peppered with sarcasms. But I believe people know, that it’s just in the name of laughter and not in any way, meant as insults. But dormant volcanoes do erupt sometimes. And seriously, I psyche myself up every single day, telling myself, “Today, I am one day older. I’ll mellow down a bit more.”

And mellow I strive to be.

Truth be told, I’m a simple person. I couldn’t care less about what people say.

But, please, do thread carefully. Cos’ Suhainis may not be such a nice laydee when she gets her toes stepped on.

Oh, well. Moving along.

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Comment by Alatariel

April 2, 2009 @ 5:37 pm

I can understand wat u r goin thru..Aaliya being commented being overweight, mine being commented to be underweight..Now its also why she has no teeth yet..Cant these ppl juz leave us and our babies alone..

All that matters is that our babies are healthy and each baby develop differently..So f. off, b******!! :)))

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Comment by Zxirupofrur

August 23, 2009 @ 1:32 pm

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