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By Freek at 2:27 pm on Thursday, March 20, 2008

There have been a lot of people asking the gender of my baby of late. I guess it’s only natural since my stomach’s growing a lot that I can’t even see my ** and feet. Thing is, I wish I could give them a straight answer, but yeah, as you all know, Baby A had?his/her legs crossed during our last rendezvous so?it wasn’t really confirmed(though my instincts tell me that it’s a ___).

Anyhows, come Monday, it’ll be 7.5 months through this whole process, and it IS known that the second & fourth school term simply whizzzz by. So, it’s all happening really fast. Really.

So, back to the question of gender, my answer to that is, a healthy baby will do. I have no preference to?this gift?God wants to bestow upon me. Of course, back before I even got pregnant, I did mention that I would like to have a baby ___. But after?one failed pregnancy and now as this baby grows inside me, and I feel it move and hear it’s heartbeat, I feel?blessed enough that He has given me & Dy this second opportunity to bring a new life on His earth – to educate and nurture him/her to become a good Muslim.

Of course, I still have about a month an a half till I reach the big 9, and the whole process of delivery has it’s uncertainties. One thing’s for sure though, I pray to Him this last few weeks leading to the birth of Baby A will go on fine and I finally get to hold my very own little human in my arms.

Baby A, mum & dad will see you real soon, aight?

Will update you guys soon on the real gender of Baby A when I go for my appointment next month, aight? Hopefully, Baby A won’t cross it’s legs again. =D In the meantime, please pray for the both of us, yah?

It just suddenly hit me. I’ve only SIX weeks before hitting the big 9!

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