*Being ’21’…*

By Freek at 2:10 pm on Friday, November 3, 2006

I’m having some ulcers in my mouth. *think* *think* *think*

Little wonder. I haven’t drunk any water since morning. Time-check: 2.30pm.


So, today, exactly a month before the really BIG day, I decided to give out the invitation cards to my fellow colleagues. I didn’t leave out anybody. I think.

Anyways, the reaction of a senior teacher, caught me sorta off-guard.. though I should be expecting it, according to Dy.

S.T : Wahh.. so young want to get married, ah? You already 21 or not? How old are you?

Me : I’m 24 already!

S.T : Hah? But you look so young leh!

Ah well, I should bask in my youth for as long as it lasts, aye?

Gonna go get my new passport later. Only then can we confirm that short trip Dy and I booked for the day after the BIG day. *excited* Yeay!


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