By Freek at 9:55 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2007

*Caution: A weeny bit of spoiler ahead..

I am definitely a-slinging.

*ecstatic* I don’t care if there are people who don’t like the 3rd Spidey instalment for some reason or another. But hell yeah, I am so loving it. Almost screamed at the sight of Eddie turning into my oh-so-vicious V_nom. And yes, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I cried!

I only have 2 complaints though.

V_nom’s too small built. Ok, so I’m so in love with the 90’s Amazing Spi-derman series and so I was anticipating for him to be big-sized.

And secondly, he was on only so briefly!!!!!!!!!!


But then, I should be thankful. Dy says they nearly didn’t wanna put V_nom in movie but somehow, they did. SooOOoo… I should be glad to get to see V_nom in a movie! Hehe.. all the viciousness is there though. And that’s major.

Ah well, I’ll be sleeping well tonight knowing I’ve watched one of my faves. While waiting for the movie, I believe my excitement and anticipation surpassed any of the kids watching the movie too. *lol* Felt the same way I felt while waiting for BSB concert last year.

Now, for another round of Spidey on Saturday and after that, I’ll just sit tight waiting for Pira-tes to arrive.

Oh.. there’s school tomorrow? *sulks*

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Comment by Drubilee

May 4, 2007 @ 1:32 am

Hehe u really are a spiderman freak!!! 😆

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