By Freek at 11:00 pm on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Before I put up the pic of my pizza and lasagna, here’s a pic of us Kampung girls last Friday. Kinda late I know, but yeah, just managed to dig up my bluetooth. Heh.

Yes, it was food galore. Nice catching up with the girls.

Remember I said about pizza and lasagne yesterday? Well, don’t get me wrong. I just bought an instant base for the pizza. So, all I did was to make the sauce. As for the lasagna..here’s a bit of pic.

It just feels so satisfying getting that look on him when he ate it. Finally, after so many times asking me to make some lasagna for him, I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.


Aight, back to work.

Oooh!! Inuyasha’s on Central now. But then again, I do have the complete set. *lol*

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