By Freek at 10:41 am on Thursday, May 17, 2007

It feels like there’re a few acupuncture needles on my head. Especially on the right side. Rather irritating considering the fact that its a working day and all. I might just bite at this state, but thankfully, I haven’t been pushed into that. Yet.

Maybe it’s a hang-over from oversleeping. Slept at 8.30pm yesterday. I mean, I was tired and I hated how my hormones have been creating these mood-swings, but didn’t expect me to sleep all the way through. And what I didn’t count on was that I set my alarm clock for 0930 instead of 2130! So there went my chance of watching Idol as I only woke up when Dy embraced me at 2305hrs! Dang! Woke up, felt exceptionally warm, went to the kitchen to get warm water(since me mum warned me against drinking cold stuff too often), and tried going back to sleep. Despite my thermometer reading my temperature at 36.9, my body felt warmer than¬†that.

Needless to say, a log is a log and I immediately slept like one till this morning. Now I feel horrible with this headache and an annoying feeling I can’t put my finger on just yet.

So, I’m gonna think of happy thoughts, like meeting my lil’ ones in an hour for class, going home early today, hugging my Dy, meeting the girls tomorrow(hurrah!), outing with Ain and family this Sat and yesh…

1 more frigging week to the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (technically I’ll be holidaying only after 2 more weeks of school… but 1 more week till school’s out for the sem!)


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