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By Freek at 5:53 pm on Friday, September 1, 2006

Well, on Wednesday, I reckoned that my P would be putting something on workstations as part of our t-chers’ day surprise. So… I did a bit of cleaning up and yeaps. What? Don’t believe me? Well, this was my work area before cleaning.


Well, sorry it scared ‘ya. I was scared, too. I couldn’t see my table and I felt like there was no floor beneath me. But since the ML Dept activity’s done and over with for the year, I’m happy to report that my desk and it’s bottom, has been cleared. *lol*

Aight, so yesterday was t-chers’ day celebrations. Had a concert and it was kinda cool. The best part was being paraded out of the hall to a tea-break after the concert. The emcee introduced each t-cher doing the ‘runway’ style walk and when my name was called, I was overwhelmed at the response. Especially my P1s. They stood up and cheered for me like no other with shining smiles on their faces. It was, touching.

And so, here are some of the things I received.

What’s t-chers’ day for female t-chers without roses? Fake and real?

This was the most touching flower. Given by my 7 year old who came running across the corridor shouting my name just to give me this. Heh. Aww… And as for this one, was given to me by a girl I’ve never even taught before. Hmm.. hehe..

Was thinking of giving my kids personalised muffins for c-drens’ day, but these kids beat me to it. Hmmm… but these are really yummy CHOCOLATE muffins. MmmMM..slurp…

Selendang. A very thoughtful gift.

The most important things a t-cher has to do, is drink. Drinking is important since, well, we basically use our voice to help children make sense of things. So, yeaps, I received 2 mugs (the one with the cat was given by P) and 1 tumbler.


Penyabar? Hehe.. that’s one trait I’ve been trying to work for. Ehem..

But yeah, sometimes, the best of gifts are those which do not require money. For example I was overwhelmed when kids, both I teach and I don’t, came up to me and wished me Happy Teachers’ Day. I mean, some kids appreciate you but do not have the means to show that through gifts. To share with you a funny story, there’s this Mongolian boy who gave a simple card to one of the male teachers who sat beside me. He didn’t really understand English but since he liked the white with silver flowered card, he decided to buy it.

Alas, when the male teacher received it, he showed it to me, and I laughed my head off. It was a card which said “Condolences for the loss of a loved one”. Heheh… when probed, the boy said he liked the design but later his friends said it was a ‘congratulation for wedding’ card. When I told him the real meaning, he blushed so hard but the male teacher and I told him, the important thing was the well-wishes he wrote in the card. Poor boy, innocently-erred, but unconditionally thoughtful.

And for me, I don’t need gifts to tell me that my kids and friends appreciate me. When they confide in me with their problems. When they greet you with a smile everyday. When my kids practice what I’ve taught them, it’s the best way they can tell them that I’ve made a difference to their life. That’s the best gift for me as a teacher.

To all teachers out there,

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Comment by Chip Jebon

September 2, 2006 @ 11:59 am

Hi Chekgoo Suhainis, Selamat Hari Guru!!! Dulu awak yang kasi cikgu2 hadiah, sekarang awak yang dapat hadiah… hehe.. Ingat tak kitorang kasi Mr Tay Donald Duck tie… It was memorable.. haha.. ;p

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Comment by bedah

September 3, 2006 @ 11:00 pm

Cikgu Suhainis! Selamat Hari Guru ok! *waves hands*

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