*Holiday Monday…..*

By Freek at 11:31 am on Monday, May 29, 2006

It’s the first day of the holidays but it’s still a working day for us t-chers.

Well, to start off, I was late.

Not like I overslept. I got out of the house as per normal. But I misjudged the 7am traffic. Unlike 6am smooth traffic, the 7am one is.. ah well. 15 minutes to start of meeting, I decided to alight near Hougang to hail a taxi but, boy, was that such a bad idea.

It was good that I waited courteousely behind the guy who was there before me. But it was bad that I left a gap that this couple suddenly appeared and waited in between me and the guy. WTF! Incorrigible!

So, I walked back to the bus-stop and woah! Before the bustop was 4 women trying to walk ahead of each other for a taxi. Right… so, I re-boarded a bus going to my school and reached 20 minutes into the staff meeting. Sigh.

But nonetheless, am in high spirits. My SPF classmate got married over the weekend. B-e-a-uUUUuutiful. Congrats and all the best to her. Got to meet the other 2 Jebons, too. Was just like old times. Heh.

Caught X-Men : The Last Stand yesterday as well. Woohoo! Frigging good. Yes, I almost cried at certain scenes and the last battle felt like watching the Battle at Helm’s Deep in LOTR. Hair stood on end. But, yeah, thumbs and toes up for this last instalment. And I’m super-excited to catch Spiderman as well since I hear my favourite villain’s gonna be in it. The one and only Venom! *grins*

Today, got news that the ex-ML Coord was coming back. Woohoo!!!! He’ll be able to off-set some of our workload, definitely! Phew!

Meeting up with the Kg. Clan girls later this evening. Am looking forward to that. Will be my last outing with the girls as a ‘single’. Hehe. But, definitely, this will NOT be the last time I go out with them. Friends are important to me. Especially these friends, who have helped me come out from some deep shit I’ve been in in the past.

Aight, am off to do some reviews and analysis. 2 days in school doing admin work, 2 days in NACLI for Staff Retreat and 1 day to prepare for THE day. Ciaoz!

4 days and counting….

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Comment by Suhaila

May 29, 2006 @ 12:46 pm

Can’t wait to see you all later too!

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April 14, 2007 @ 7:11 pm

Ashes of soma lyrics….

Soma compound. Soma….

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