By Freek at 9:11 pm on Friday, November 17, 2006

I was going through some of my school kids and some teens’ Friendster/MSN/blog details. It’s either they’re trying too hard to sound and look goth/emo or, they’re a bunch of unhappy people. But then again, I, too, went through that phase in life. With pessimistic/unhappy phrases expressing my feelings. I guess for me though, I was inspired by the slip.knot/koRn music I listened to and my low self-esteem.
Anyways, yeaps, today officially marks the end of the 2006 teaching year. Hurrah! Next week, it’s working week to finish up admin stuff, with a Staff Retreat in the form of a dinner at OCC. This time though, I’ve to shop for a retro looking costume to wear for the 60s theme. Sigh.

SO, I dragged poor Dy to shop and in the end, settled for a black dress and a polka-dot belt. Ahakz. Simple. Asked my senior teacher if she was gonna wear baju Saloma and she chuckled. I didn’t wanna buy that either. It’ll be a bit wasted since I can’t wear a Saloma kebaya without being an object of attention on any other time. Besides, didn’t want to be so dressed so quirky considering I’ve to travel East-North in THAT for the event!

That will be next Saturday, the Saturday before my wedding. Heh. My mum wanted to scream at me for being the bride-to-be-who-doesn’t-stay-at-home-a-week-before-her-wedding. But unfortunately, it IS school-related and so, she can’t really say much. Ahakz.

Aight, going to sleep now. Ahh.. the luxury of sleep and embracing the holidays. Hurrah!

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Comment by katak

November 18, 2006 @ 9:26 am

Alah, dah nikah per. Apa bride² lagik. Nanti if I nak, you kena out jugak ;-p

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